TL3 Status restoration

Thanks for posting that. It’s always interesting to take a look behind the scenes. A couple of quick questions about the flag stats when you have a moment:

  1. Is the “Flagged Posts” count still incremented if a flagged comment is edited to everyone’s satisfaction within the 10-minute window?

  2. Does a flag in the “Flagged Posts” count expire and decrement the count after a given period of time (e.g. 100 days after the post was flagged)?

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It’s actually after the 10 minute window (there’s a 10 minute “cooldown” period to allow for cooler heads to prevail). I don’t know the answer to this, I’ll have to investigate.

I do know that if mods disagree with the flag (i.e., if someone tries to flag nefariously or use flags to win arguments, etc.), those flags do NOT count towards anything (except demoting the flagging power of the user who did the malicious flagging in the first place).

Yes - it’s based on flagged posts, not flags themselves, so if those posts are over 100 days old, they no longer apply.

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Thanks. I’m a systems geek and I know that CodingHorror and the rest of the team put a lot of thought into Discourse, so I’m curious about the mechanisms.


So I’ve been wrong to delete my non-offensive posts and replace them with insipid text instead, in an effort to avoid getting even more of my posts pulled?

The grass is looking a lot greener on the troll side these days.


I’ve gotten memory holed so many times, and I’ve lost TL3 status because of it. But it’s okay, because it’s all differences of opinion, right? I say I have a right to exist, and other people say I don’t, to-may-to to-mah-to let’s call the whole thing off. If what used to be called trolling is now a difference that should be celebrated and given equal time, then it’s all fine I guess.


It appears the answer to this is no - if you edit your post and it isn’t reflagged, the system pretends the flags never happened.

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I personally still see the flagging thresholds as a open door to what amounts to brigading of Approved Thought, but I guess maybe thats OK. If I never fully fit in anywhere before, why should here be any different? Its just a fact of life that people disagree with others and will find ways to shame or exclude the offender.

So from the time a message gets flagged and a notice is sent to the offender (or not) there is only 10 minutes to respond with an edit?


When the flag is set, there is a note sent, and a 10 minute “cooldown” period where you cannot respond, so that you can take a moment and reflect (and possibly allow cooler heads to prevail). After that point, you are free to edit the post until the topic is locked.


OK I understand and that makes far more sense than the way I thought it worked.

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Hmm, the 10 minute limitation is around editing, as in we don’t want people to knee-jerk edit the post just to unhide it… but your proposal that a person on the receiving end of a flag (one that went to threshold, or a mod invoked it) not be able to reply to the topic for a bit is a very very interesting one!

This might have positive implications for spammers as well, and if it’s limited to the topic the flag was in, it shouldn’t be onerous.


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