TL3 Status restoration

Hello, happy Sunday!

I’m going to be restoring TL3 “regular” status today. This will cause many of you to receive notifications regarding the status change, likely this evening.

Discourse weighs flags from TL3 users differently than “normal” TL2 users, especially in regards to new users, spammers, and other troublemakers, all of which are valuable tools to help with moderation. It also provides another tool, along with anniversary badges and activity, for the community (and us mods!) to better recognize a segment of “most active” users in the community.



Will there be a lounge? (I am guessing not)


No changes to post category access, no (though other TL3 abilities like title editing and more likes will return).


Well that’s good news!


Title editing was sorta nice till we realized it b0rk3d the Boing posts, and even then we tried to let the authors fix it first rather than fix it right away.
More likes? Once they got bumped way back I never hit max… I have yet to run out back at TL2.
Having stronger flags is nice at least for speedier hiding of spam and brand new trolls.

Like I said before “The Lounge” was nice but I can see where it can cause perception issues… anyway I look forward to instantly hiding spambots when I mange to run across them first.


I think title editing was eventually turned off for #boing anyway.


I don’t think there’s a setting for that, though I may have missed it. Either way, yes - please don’t edit boing category titles - you will break the connection back to Boing Boing and create an overly grumpy SysAdmin in the process. :wink:


Doesn’t look like you can. So, crisis averted.


How does one achieve TL3?

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You have to meet these requirements over a 100 day period (these are my stats as an example:

This is a rolling total, so you only keep TL3 status if you continually meet these requirements.

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And other than being able to edit thread titles, how do we know we got it?


There used to be some give in that, so if someone took a vacation for a week they didn’t have to start over.


It doesn’t look like anyone has TL3 yet.

There’s still a little give.

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It seems strange that the Topics Viewed and Posts Read requirements are higher than the corresponding (all time) requirements. I mean, I assume it just renders the latter irrelevant.

Actually, they do - I had disabled the “Regular” Badge which was what most people used to tell if they were a Regular or not, those will get given out with tonight’s maintenance run, I assume.

If you look at a user page, it shows the trust level there:

You can also see the users here:

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Yes, the “all time” amounts are clearly not designed for a BBS this busy, and really serve no purpose in the calculation - the non-all-time amounts are actually dynamic, based on how busy the site is (in both cases, we’ve hit the max and they are capped now).

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It seems like people on the trust_level_2 and trust_level_3 pages have the same trust level of member. Should those on trust_level_3 all say regular?

And what is the relationship between the trust_level_3 page and this page ?

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I think the confusion here is that there is a “Member” and “Regular” badge, and a status. While the two are related, they appear to be governed by different maintenance tasks - the regular status (the one that actually grants TL3) seems to have already done its’ thing and promoted everyone (at least the 10 or so I randomly checked on the TL3 list now).

However, the Bedge awarding (which also grants the title of Regular) doesn’t seem to have gone off yet. If it’s like the Anniversary badges I created, it will likely fire tonight at midnight server time.

When you look at a user card, you see “Member” as the badge, even if their status might be Regular currently. This is entirely automatic and should be resolved tomorrow.

If anyone on the TL3 list doesn’t have the Regular badge by tomorrow I’ll investigate further. (it doesn’t help that the promotion page on the admin literally says “Will be promoted soon”, with no more details than that! It’s probably triggered on some board action, or nightly).


Thank you for the clarification. :slight_smile: