@ficuswhisperer’s TL3 status discussion

It also looks like Regulars lost the ability to edit post titles. I wanted to fix a typo in someone’s post title (not in #boing) and saw that the pencil icon was gone. Sigh.

To the mods, I know you don’t owe us proletariat anything, but some transparency as to what’s going on here would be much appreciated.

Looks like I somehow lost Regular status, to which I say WTF indeed.


Was it this one in the general category? 92 yr old ‘responsible own owner’ kills son for wanting to put her in a assisted living home
I see a pencil icon on the title of it (maybe that’s not what you’re talking about)


well regulars still can… you however can’t with a trust level of member. you need to up your BBS addiction game… or you know just carry on and have a happier life outside with the shiny glow orb.


What the mother fucking hell… How am I no longer a regular here?


been hanging out other places too much? which isn’t a bad thing really.


I dunno, man. I post several times a day, every day. Read, and like tons of posts. I’m completely flummoxed.


I found the requirements for TL3


Based on that thread (thanks for the redirect) I have no idea how I lost my status and given that there’s no “you are here” view for us plebs I’m just left confused and annoyed.

Gamification isn’t very fun when the rules feel completely arbitrary.

(And yes, I realize it means nothing here other than a fancy title to be Regular given there’s no more Lounge community but this is the kind of shit I obsess about - don’t judge me for it. :P)



Thank you, sir.

As an aside that requirement seems kind of insane. I have largely stopped participating in some of the #games threads and those from certain posters here but I still try to make substantive contributions. I guess that’s what I get for being more choosy here.

Has it always been this high? Makes me wonder how I ever made Regular in the first place if so.

Anyway I’ve already taken this post way off topic so I’ll end it here.


Yes. The 20k is actually a cap. Without the cap that requirement would actually be much higher. I think it’s something like 25% of posts.

Of course, this is the point, the most dedicated of folks are supposed to receive the TL3 designation and in return, those users receive more likes, and their flags carry much more weight.


As in, mindlessly open every “new” and “unread” topic and immediately scroll to the bottom?

Thereby having “read” it?


So based on this with 520 topics read, 220 topics participated in, 99% visitation, 900 likes given, and 2300 likes received in the past 100 days alone I’m not considered “dedicated”?

I’m sorry, but that really stings.


Show me an automated ranking system of metrics that doesn’t have gaps. Hell, show me another piece of forum software with this level of metrics detail to begin with.

”Regulars”, back when we had a lounge, took pride in reaching that level. Despite the difficulty involved, some 150 users managed to meet those requirements.

Even though we no longer have said lounge, almost 2/3rds of those folks still have their TL3 status. That’s a pretty impressive level of dedication in my book and I thank each and every one of them for maintaining such a high level of participation here.

From a subjective standpoint? There are TONS of users who don’t reach TL3 that provide regular, invaluable contributions to the BBS. They don’t get the perks of TL3, but I consider them every bit as valuable to this community.

What’s better. Votes? That creates popularity contests and the sort of ”ganging up” that regulars of old used to be accused of by ”outsiders”. Lower the requirements? Then the moderation system suffers as no one’s flags are ”special” anymore, and the level loses meaning.

So, there you are. I value your contributions to the BBS. I’m sure others do as well. I’m sorry that you don’t meet Discourse’s requirements for TL3.


On that note if you could close this thread I’d appreciate it.

ETA The main point I was trying to (clumsily) make is using an insanely high “posts read” as a metric for promotion stinks IMO.

ETA2 I read enough posts to put me back at TL3. So, whatevs.