The Like Strike

As noted here

First of all, I am not in charge of the actual values. So you should be discussing this with the actual Boing Boing staff!

Here’s what has happened so far, in chronological order to date:

  1. Early 2015: likes per day was increased to 100

  2. May 2015: Trust level 2, 3 and 4 got daily like increases of 1.5×, 2×, and 3× respectively

  3. Feb 2016: Trust level 3 daily multiplier like increased from 2× to 3×

Point #2 was a global change to all Discourse instances, everywhere not a BBS specific change. Point #1 and #3 were such minor tweaks that I felt based on existing community feedback it was OK to make those adjustments and notify @beschizza with a name mention in case I was out of line.

I will say that daily like limits are fundamental to Discourse, and will always be present in some form. However, I am not sure what’s being proposed here:

  • A removal of like limits for all users?
  • A removal of the like limit for one user?
  • A global increase of likes to very, very high levels for all users?
  • A global increase of likes to very, very high levels for Regulars (TL3)?
  • A promotion of one specific user to TL4 to gain access to more likes?

As I have mentioned before, it’s possible we could eventually settle on some system that rewards you with more likes the more you read…

… but this would be complex, and I am hesitant to embark on that effort because it’s quite rare, statistically, for users to be liking that much stuff on any Discourse we know of. This does not make it invalid, of course, not at all – but completely revamping the system to account for a rare outlier makes me uncomfortable.

I think @beschizza needs to weigh in here on some potentially much higher settings for Regular like limits. Given the previous adjustments, we’d now be into building “thousand year like storm resistant” territory, and I think we should have explicit buy-in from the actual BB staff before doing any more tweaks. edit: looking more closely, @jlw should also weigh in.

(Also, why couldn’t you guys create a meta topic for this?)



This is stupid.

I raised the limit and no one’s noticed.