San Francisco's bike lines have become Uber's pickup/dropoff zones (and the cops don't care)

Yeah. And I do like Philadelphia the city. For being the 4th largest city in the U.S. it certainly feels much more cozy than NYC or Chicago. The Italian Market has fresh catches at far lower prices than any grocery store, trail riding for any difficulty level is just six miles north along the Schuykill, plenty of good theatre and arts, neighborhoods with actual trees and porches—and all of this but the trail riding is within a three-mile radius.

But Philly oh Philly, your drivers suck at life. Please change this.

ETA: And you’re always a $20 Chinatown bus ride away from NYC or D.C.


First, :blue_heart:!

I think the residents in NY City are way nicer than Philadelphia. I think Philadelphia is beautiful and I love the Schuylkill, but it was difficult to make eye contact with anyone or get them to say hello. I once walked past Kyle McLaclan in NYC and even he said hi. (To be fair, KM seems to emote friendliness.)


yeah, it can be frustrating. given that all of the A’s infra which is actually crumbling demands all the immediate attention, and how Fulton County public works notably takes their sweet-ass time and half-asses everything, none of that is likely to change. Though I will say, the fact that there’s bike lanes on Ponce now fucking flabbergasted me the first time I saw them. Having cycled here since moving in '02, I honestly never thought I’d see the day something like that would happen.

speaking for myself, my personal space limitations are nil. i’ve been cycling in the South my whole life, not just during this current bike-boom we’re experiencing. you can pass me with a foot of clearance and I won’t even really notice, particularly if you adjust your speed rather than buzz me at the average Atlantan’s standard 55mph for a 35mph intown street. I won’t even be mad–I get it, what you wrote is frustrating for everyone. I don’t want to be the cause of any frustration. But I’m a bit of an outlier in terms of experience and skill. Any kindnesses/space you can extend to the average cyclist is probably in order. Once again, I’m out of step with the world…:black_circle: :sheep:

I do take it upon my self as the both the endangered party and also the visible (not obscured by cage/reflective glass) party to direct the cars behind me to go ahead and pass me when I feel it’s safe. i get it, you’re lurking back there trying to be nice and safe (I can hear your engine/tires) so I feel the onus is on me to wave you ahead if I read the current traffic scenario as not-sketchy.

please, if you notice a cyclist urging you to take the right-of-way, don’t do the “it’s OK, I’m one of the nice drivers” thing and slow down; we’re trying to make everything flow, and also so we can mentally file your car into the “not a factor anymore” category. your engine has enormous power on tap that I don’t have; if I’m waving you on or I give you the nod/head-lean thing when we make eye contact, then I’m good: don’t slow down, gun it a little to just remove yourself from the situation altogether. (but, if a cyclist is a youth or seems like a noob, then yeah, treat them as such.) if we were playing chess, it can always be assumed that a good cyclist is mentally several moves ahead of general traffic. my $0.02.

anyway, what’s with posting @chgoliz 's avatar?


Chicago remains the most friendly, major (read: 2M+) city I’ve ever visited. I once got lost downtown and within the span of ten minutes, not one, not two but three strangers approached me with a smile and asked if I needed help with directions.

:purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart: for you, Chicago

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As a Boston Uber driver I can firmly say that it is impossible to do your job without double parking, occasionally in bike lanes. There are many areas of the city with no driveways or parking lots, so every available street space is full. To accept a fair while not parking in a bike lane would often mean spending 15-20 minutes driving around until someone nearby leaves, and then tightly parallel parking your car. Then the pickup would have to walk several blocks to find you. Which means they would cancle the ride.

Really the only thing that can be done about it in cities like San Fran And Boston is to minimize the amount of time a car is double parked. The only way to do that is for Uber and lyft fairs to be ready to leave WHEN they order the ride, and then be waiting in the stairwell or at least paying close attention to their phone until their car arrives (usually 5-10 mins) .

Tl;dr the only reason ride share vehicles are spending a significant amount of time in bike lanes is because enough ride share riders are inconsiderate enough to make the drivers wait there.


Short version: @chgoliz says she’s leaving BB because of the 50 likes limit and several Regulars have declared a ‘Like Strike’ until @codinghorror raises or eliminates this limit. In place of hearts, they’re instead posting @chgoliz’s avatar.


Thank you. I was wondering, too. And in solldarity:


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Okay, but in California it’s illegal to double park at any time. When I visit back east, I get the impression that it’s de facto legal (may be illegal, but everyone does it and no one gets ticketed).

Even if you’re blocking a bike lane for 20 seconds (this would be the time if the customer takes to get into the car), you’re putting a cyclist in possible danger. Idling in a bike lane is really wrong no matter how long Lyft/Uber driver waits for its fare. You wouldn’t block an entire street for your job, and a bike lane might as well be an entire street for cyclists.





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Yea! :revolving_hearts:

bizarre. I mean, I love the woman, but I don’t understand leaving over that issue. the limit does seem arbitrary, though. I never got why there was one but maybe I did see an answer i can’t remember posted by CH, now that I think about it. to prevent “like farming” maybe? the whole thing seems weird.

I’ll do it now as a show of solidarity with Liz herself, but the like limit is not really an issue for me ¯\ __(ツ) _ /¯

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This is my planned response if a cop is ever asshole enough to ticket me for riding on the sidewalk.

Rather than lanes in the street, my preference is to share the sidewalk with pedestrians.

I’m always very courteous and yielding to pedestrians, and go slowly in front of busy businesses where someone might come out of a doorway. In exchange, I deserve to ride in an area where I won’t get mowed down by a car. Thank you very much.

She’s not “leaving” completely; just choosing only to lurk on occasion.

If a system doesn’t function in a way that works well for us, we always have the choice not to use it.

Personally I loved her content, and will miss it.



Personally, I don’t expect it to change anyone’s mind; its just a way of showing that we get it that the members are the real lifeblood of any site, regardless to how good the platform is, or how well it’s maintained.

Even a high caliber forum needs a good balance between the technical side and interpersonal interaction.

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as a lifelong cyclist who was at one point a full-time pizza deliverer in my car, I feel this.

as long as you and your fares don’t “door” me, I’m pretty amenable to the reality of the situation. as the parties least affected, the fares will probably never alter their summoning you to an expected double-park, leaving it up to the cyclists and the drivers to make concessions for their dumb-assery.

I do not disagree with anything you wrote, either, @subextraordinaire, but if you’re out there trying to check a buck, I’ve been there as a driver and I’ve been there as a cyclist (full-time bike messenger for a few years, too.) capitalism’s a bitch, but if you’re driving for uber etc, you’re a victim of capitalism. the summoning protocol could be made more inconvenient for the fares [pop-up: "you’re summoning from a location with a bike lane. please meet your driver on the next corner. continue to accept or cancel] or the city could invest in better infra or mitigate parking better. but none of these are gonna happen, which leaves @Ron_Fancy pressured on all sides while he’s the party making the least money of anyone in the scenario.


It’s illegal in Boston too, but you have to. There are too many cars and not enough parking for certain industries to function (taxis included) without breaking they law on the regular. It’s just the way it is. If your city wants Uber and, which believe me is an important source of money for a largely underprivileged group of people, it’s UNAVOIDABLE. I live in a capital city and I’ve bicycled cross country, so I completely understand these dangers and how frustrating they are, but the only thing you can do is mitigate the problem. At least until self driving cars are normal and money isn’t a thing.


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It’s a bit more nuanced than this. It’s not just the like limit, it’s that she (and others of us) feels like she can’t really engage properly if she (us) can’t always acknowledge really good comments that have evolved from her (our) original posts.

Some of us participate on different threads a lot and then run out. This forces us to limit our discussion because we feel uncomfortable when you can’t give someone credit, agreement, or support. You can’t acknowledge a good comment/argument with a like, but you can keep on posting the same comments over and over (as some of us have been illustrating)?

Personally, I like give likes for new users and members to encourage participation. But I shouldn’t have worry that I can’t appreciate some regulars’ pithy or pensive commentary. I shouldn’t have to choose who’s commentary is more worthy because some days there’s a lot of good stuff.

(Sorry this is OT, everyone!)


Thanks for this. I completely understand even if I disagree with blocking bike lanes.

:blue_heart: Liked!

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Hmm…and yet one gets (I assume) an unlimited number of posts to "give someone credit, agreement, or support. "


Liked for breaking it down even better than I could have done.


On the topic, our country’s entire road infrastructure is a mess; ideally there should be enough room for both bikes and vehicles not to mention pedestrians… but this is not and has never been the case, at least so far as I know.

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