Mississippi's prison town are in danger of collapse, thanks to tiny reforms in the War on Drugs


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It’s a bulletproof scam…for as long as you control the definition of the word crime


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What’s the name of the economic system they used before the mid nineteenth century?

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late stage capitalism

Don’t forget the word “vulture”.

Your post was excellent, and helped me grasp an essential part of the Republicans’ Frankenstein coalition; faith.

They are talking to the voters most likely to take things on faith. The deeply religious, the undereducated, the desperate, the conspiracy crew, the dogmatists and ideologues…

Then they preach the big lie; if we just give all the money and power to those who’ve been wealthy all along, prosperity is around the corner. The ultra-rich are like a balloon - once filled to capacity with wealth they explode, showering America with prosperity!

This is much like praying for change to an indifferent God. Sure he’s heard it all for the past 2000 years, but your sacrifice this time will turn it all around.

Now replace that silent God with the ultra rich (equally invisible to the casual observer) who just need all your wealth in order to do something that they’ve never done before, despite never lacking wealth…


This is much less true nowadays than it used to be. Publishers commonly print multiple versions of textbooks, due to states adopting their own laws and guidelines. California alone is a big enough market to demand books free of religious right wing vandalism, and once you’re producing a Texas edition and a California edition the rest of the states noticed and said “Hey, what about us?”


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It’s the economic version of prayer.



They also make sure to print a new edition every year, to make sure that the quiz questions are in a different order…


It’s fucked either way.


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Those of us with a lot of love to give are being oppressed!




Your point about taxes has some merit, yes, but that chart says nothing about your argument, either way, and neither does the article it appears in.


That chart (and the article) indicates how conservative conservatives around here are, is all.

FWIW, I am very happy living in Seattle, but I don’t think I’d want to live in any other part of the state.

The regressive taxation is undeniable. Although I guess whether that’s a bad thing or not depends on your opinion and/or personal level of income…