Like Strike part II

@codinghorror: Some thought you were responsible for the limit. @sam explained that you were not, in one of the lounge threads. I think there is a general understanding among regulars at this point that the limit is set by BB staff, not you or Discourse.

As far as starting a meta topic, there have been several as you know. No one seems to be listening though, and there is never a reason given why there needs to be a like limit. Go through any of the past discussions you quoted, and you won’t find an actual reason given. Which brings me to this:

This is why there was no meta topic.

@JLW: I think it would be a good idea to listen to your user base. I expect though, that when I wake up tomorrow, this comment if not the whole topic will be gone. I really just wanted to respond to @codinghorror, but closing out the topic a quarter of an hour after it was opened didn’t really give me a chance.


This sentence makes me physically angry. That’s NOT TRUE. Here, I’ll list AGAIN all the changes we made in response to this:

Here’s what has happened so far, in chronological order to date:

  1. Early 2015: likes per day was increased to 100
  2. May 2015: Trust level 2, 3 and 4 got daily like increases of 1.5×, 2×, and 3× respectively
  3. Feb 2016: Trust level 3 daily multiplier like increased from 2× to 3×

So geez, I’m very sorry if in the last FOUR MONTHS this wasn’t completely resolved to the satisfaction of every last individual human being on BBS. Considering, at minimum, we changed DEFAULT BEHAVIOR ON EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE OF DISCOURSE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD BASED ON THIS FEEDBACK.

Not listening? This is some bullshit.


Okay. I’m taking the hit for speaking up here. I’m not trying to piss you off. Take a second please, or we can continue later.

You have been very responsive to a lot of concerns, and I thank you for that. I’m not singling you out. As I stated above, People generally know at this point this is not a Discourse issue, or your issue.


It’s related, that’s absolutely fair.

And perhaps I didn’t make it clear that these are ultimately BB settings, which BB staff should be in charge of, and I was making small adjustments based on community feedback that seemed sensible as Discourse software defaults. (Or very close to defaults, close enough that they are minor tweaks BB staff should be aware of but not necessarily bugged about.)

But at the point which like limits increase from 100 per day, plus TL multiplier, to potentially thousands per day… that’s something BB staff has to weigh in on.


I completely agree. I feel a little uncomfortable being the mouthpiece for other’s concerns as well. I just saw your thread and wanted to reply as to why there wasn’t a meta topic started this time around, and @jlw shut the door before I could get a word in.


The one sticking point that I hear people complaining about, and I can’'t come up with a good answer to: Why is there a like limit on BB? What do people feel it accomplishes?

I’m of the opinion that it’s better to give a like as acknowledgement than clutter a thread with useless +1 and “me too” comments. I personally have left for periods of time when I didn’t have likes, because I found it frustrating not being able to make an acknowledgment without a useless comment.

@chgoliz has decided not to comment anymore, and it sounds like her issue is a similar frustration. That’s what precipitated the “strike” over the weekend.


I was literally typing as the post was being closed. I’d wanted to say, it wasn’t personal, I wasn’t mad at anyone. It’s just frustrating to see valued members of the board walking away over the issue.

Please don’t think we’re not grateful for all the hard work you’ve done and continue to do–we appreciate you. :slight_smile:


tldr: for satisfaction about things that sound like they might be a setting, bug us, not @codinghorror


(The others are here, but not so often)


Thanks, Rob. Part of the issue was that this particular tempest in a teapot came to a head on the weekend, when responses from either you guys on the BB side or Jeff and Sam on the Discourse side couldn’t be expected to be instantaneous. Once Sam did remind us about the nature of the issue being a setting that you guys at BB decide upon, we mostly stopped sending nagging @ mentions his and Jeff’s way, but by then the nagging damage was done. And now I think (ETA the “I think” plus a caveat that I speak for nobody but myself) the issue is addressed quite satisfactorily, but we didn’t acknowledge it with our thanks because nobody told us it was fixed until zero dark thirty PDT this morning! We didn’t notice, @jlw, since we weren’t using our likes this weekend!

Anyway, I hope we didn’t ruffle any feathers too vigorously. Rob and Jason, we love your site and this community it has attracted. @codinghorror and @sam we love this wonderful platform you’ve built that permits this genuinely life-affirming interaction. And on a personal note, I like and admire you guys a lot as talented, intelligent, funny, and caring human beings as well. Thank you for giving us the space to talk, and the room to grow and learn from each other and even to engage in mildly childish tantrums when things aren’t exactly how we want them and we don’t understand why.


I’m not sure it is fixed. Is it? What are we trying to fix, and what is the metric for determining it is? I’ll try not to be the right bastard I am in any other case, and not require a standard deviation for the stats.

ETA: Looks like your post has changed since I put this up.


You don’t think giving every Tom, Dick, and Harry over 30,000 likes did the trick? Maybe we all need a pony too?


it would depend on what alpha level you were looking for, wouldn’t it?

Looked to me here that Sam was showing that Jason had raised the limit to over 31k per day.

While recommending that it should stay low for new TL0 users, but get higher multipliers for TL1 members and TL2 regulars.

But my impression was that Rob felt Jason’s adjustment was good enough. I hope I didn’t misread it.


lol. I’m clearly going down in flames over this. What ever.


when did he raise it? Those of us striking wouldn’t have noticed.


That’s true indeed. He didn’t say.


You got nothing to fear from me on this; just hope Jason doesn’t hear you. Me, I like the idea of a pony, especially if it can do dressage to rap music.


I’m hanging out for a bluegrass clogging pony.



Please pardon my lack of umlauts. I dunno how to generate them on Android.


Nobody likes a one-trick pony.