Like notifications are getting louder ❤ 🎧 ⬆ 1️⃣1️⃣

This is largely a shadow post of:

So head there and read it first :slight_smile:

We (and by we I mean I) just deployed a new setting and new default for all users.

Instead of only being notified on the first like you get on a post, you get notified on first like and daily. So you get more :large_blue_circle:. This means that some old posts that get likes and already got likes are going to start creeping in to your notifications.

Do you think the new default is too aggressive? Not aggressive enough?

Personally, I would like to change the default for Discourse to be “notify on every like” and then have power users or communities that hate :heart: pull back the default.


Oh and um…


Cue the “my notifications won’t STAAHP” outrage in 3… 2… 1…


I think we should be individually notified of every like in every post in every topic we’ve started too.

And we should all be told every time @brainspore gets a like anywhere.


That’s like background radiation - you have to ignore it.


@OtherMichael’s notifications won’t STAAHP!


Not too aggressive. I think daily batching is completely reasonable. And I frankly don’t care if it is configurable. The judgement displayed by the peeps at discourse is better than my own, so go nuts :smiley:


I’ve always been baffled that this was not standard at roll-out. I even remember reporting the “bug” that I was not seeing all my likes in my notifications feed.

I mean, we see notifications of every reply to our posts. Why then are we supposed to intuit that notifications of likes to our posts are only given for the first like? It’s the single most confusing part of learning to use Discourse.

[Sidebar: I note with some glee that my idea of having clickable responses to a post other than “like” has been implemented by Facebook. I don’t use fb and they obviously arrived at the idea independently from me, but I still felt vindicated]


It’s gonna get louder

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I would like the hell out of your post, but I’m on my FOURTH like time-out of the day.


I thought Jeff said they’d jacked the Regular level up higher. No?


Yep, regulars now have 3x the daily like limit. Apparently it needs to be infinite, though. :wink:


For some of us, at least!


I think that might be a little too aggressive.

I did two “nice posts” yesterday. So with “notify on every like” I’d get 20+ notifications? I wouldn’t want that-- if you do implement it, please make it a configurable setting. Maybe a user-settable preference?

As for the actual change you made today… I got another like notification this morning on something I posted six days ago. It was kind of disconcerting.


Salutations to the boffins at Discourse who are generous with their time for all our sakes. However, I would like a way for any particular user to disable others from liking his or her posts. Please and thank you. I’d rather get feedback on comments through replies. Likes contain too little information to be helpful, IMHO.

In fact, better still would be if one could give his or her likes to other regulars, but I realize there might be problems with that.

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Pretty sure that already works if you add the user to the mute section of your preferences – that suppresses all notifications originating from that person. If you find it does not work, definitely let us know.

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With respect, I don’t want to mute them. It’s nothing to do with them at all, typically wonderful people that they are, and I want to know their thoughts. I simply wish to isolate myself from an undue desire to please friends which may shape the things I would say. I want them to judge my most honest opinions, but I cannot be absolutely certain that I’m not influenced by their approval. I try not to be, but I’m human after all.

I don’t expect this feature to be implemented solely for my benefit. I wish only to float it in case maybe it has some traction in the wider metacommunity.

And absolutely, I’ll report any bugs, but you and the other Discourse volunteers seem, in my humble and inexpert opinion, to run a pretty tight ship :+1:


I took the headline too literally and came to say that BBS politely asked me if it could use Chrome notifications and I nicely told it no. :laughing:

Now that I know what we’re actually talking about, I like the first like and first like of the day idea. I’m sure it will still prove a little confusing but the old way was confusing … and that compromise will (at least for me) keep me from missing too many replies.

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I don’t think that’s how he’s going to do it. @sam, won’t it just bump to the top with a numeral like how multiple replies are handled?

i.e. :

and @RatMan he’s already said in the OP that it will be user-configurable.


In case you haven’t already figured it out, @GulliverFoyle and I have discussed this before and we are literally on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to how we use this forum!! It’s really interesting to see the different ways people shape their engagement here.