Waaaah! I've got my daily limit on likes! [post your own]

This is a games thread



I would like that, but


Great. Make me question my gender identity, why don’t you.


Wait wait wait just a cotton’ pickin’ minute, we did do something about this!

  • Early 2015: likes per day was increased to 100

  • May 2015: Trust level 2, 3 and 4 got daily like increases of 1.5×, 2×, and 3×

So what you’re saying is that those were not enough…

I think this is a very good idea, would barely be naggy at all… @eviltrout can you add this to your list for next week? When you have 5 likes remaining for the day, pop this dialog on like.

@chgoliz I checked and you are a regular (trust level 3) so I think it’s fine to increase tl3 likes per day multiplier from 2× to 3× … I am much more comfortable with changing likes per trust level since the people at that level definitely earned the ability, versus a blanket increase for all users which is way more risky.

I went ahead and made that change, and it should take effect for all tl3 “regular” users in the next 24 hours cc: @beschizza @Falcor

Also – there is a longer term discussion we should have here about potentially promoting some avid, trusted community members to trust level 4. Discourse is predicated on the idea that the community should be trusted to help govern itself, at least partially. This is a big jump in abilities (edit all posts, recategorize, split, merge, pin, etc) so it’s something that @beschizza and @falcor and the rest of the BB staff would have to be on board with, and the community should be also be consulted so they are OK with the people chosen to be TL4, which is always a manual promotion.

I should create a new topic for this… but I wanted to mention it now since it is related.


Why have a limit at all?

I see you’ve said this elsewhere - seems to come up in other Discourse forums - I just don’t agree.


Aaaaaaand it’s still true. I am definitely sympathetic to the argument that a person who reads 1,000 replies per day genuinely needs more likes than a person who only reads 100.

A system where you get more likes as you read stuff is interesting, but I think would be really hard for people to understand, and for us to reason about.

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Why would that be hard to understand? I think a percentage would be perfectly intuitive. (At least for those that find pie charts useless.)

If @OtherMichael ever gets level 4 his reign of terror will never end.


I, for one, will wholeheartedly welcome our new Trust Level 4 overlords!

  1. Fun will be had
  2. By all
  3. Forever
  4. A failure to have fun, at any point, for any duration, is grounds for immediate ban-hammering.

“I’m not a punisher… I’m a fun-isher”



FWIW, I’ve suggested before that maybe a TL3.5 could work: more trust, but not quite at the true administrative level.


I will like this in about 4 minutes or so! :wink:


I wish I could transfer my unused likes to other mutants. I’ve yet to reach my daily limit. Sometimes I feel like the Montgomery Brewster of likes.


Be nicer and like more things, damn it!!!


I’m trying!!! :innocent:

I think likes should work more like Whuffie.


I honestly believe that different people use them differently. There’s a thread somewhere in which people are talking about their strategies to get their numbers up WRT likes:posts, and apparently the goal is to receive twice as many likes as posts written. My ratio has always been exactly the opposite: I like twice as many posts as I write. Could this be a learned response, after decades of being ignored/interrupted in classes and meetings? I don’t know, and with regard to posting on a forum in 2016 I don’t really care. All that matters is the end result: I post fewer responses than my reading and liking would suggest. Basically, I quietly support more than I argue. That’s how I am in real life, too.

People who can carry on a lively and non-destructive argument IRL are wonderful to listen to. I’m just not the sort of person to jump in like that, most of the time.


I have no strategies… I just kind of like what I like, I guess.

I want to like this, I really do…


I’m a brass tacks kind of person. Likes are nice. Who doesn’t want allies? But replies are the real reward. Engage me in a dialectic and I’m yours. Likes are akin to a pat on the back, totally awesome, but steady state. Replies mean I get a chance to know the replier. It’s akin to the difference between a considerate gift and a personalize gift. Every reply is a personalized gift. High five or flame me, it means someone took the valuable time out of their day to think of something to say back. That’s really cool.

Vice versa, I enjoy patting my BB friends on the back. But when I can think of something I hope can be useful or helpful in reply to one of you, that’s a far more contributive feeling, the sense of giving something back.

ETA: There are on the order of a dozen BB regulars that I’d invite unhesitatingly into our home for dinner. You and Mindy are, of course, among those. Likes between you and I are great, but it’s the engagement with you that makes you part of my community, not a button.