To do in NYC next Sat, May 11: "The Bigot in the Machine," a panel on algorithmic bias from PEN and McSweeney's

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Alas, I am on a different continent, but in the end I suspect all machine learning/artificial intelligence can be summed up as: Garbage In, Garbage Out.

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I agree, I fed some Garbage in and the fact that I live in Denmark and my machine learning library told me I only love it when it rains.


Sounds accurate.

Nobody on the panel who works in AI?


Well yeah, as long as accuracy is Number of Correct Predictions divided by total number of predictions made, but they neglected to note that I also love it when it’s foggy in the morning.

An AI on the panel would be interesting.

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Nothing like a good brisk chill in the morning to wake you up.

yeah, I was thinking this would be interesting as well. Especially someone working to deal with eliminating biases in the algorithms. It would be great to bring these groups together. AI based solely on the data available will invariably just reflect the biases currently in society (and thus the data). To get around it, some human input would be needed to adjust for biases… and then you just run into the same “humans are biased” issue without careful consideration of how/what you are doing to adjust for biases.

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