To hell with the Trolley Problem: here's a much more interesting list of self-driving car weirdnesses


That’s… really, massively petty, like something out of Good Omens.


Correct. And at the time the UK was full of massively petty people who detested modern society because people didn’t defer to them any more and people broke the rules, and they wanted someone in power who would stop that kind of thing.
Enoch Powell was a kind of would-be Hitler who would build concentration camps for people who were untidy, or mispronounced Greek.


Obvious; they will quickly find they are crunchy, and keep onboard ketchup for that moment when a motorcycle is just irresistible.


reads wikipedia article

Wow. And apparently his version of the Golden Rule is “Keep the minorities and foreigners from getting any form of power, because they’ll treat me just as badly as I’ve treated them.”


I bet “the hoi polloi” gave him fits.


Oh, he also had strong views on the pronunciation of kilometre and kilogram.


I hadn’t heard that. According to this, it was his wife, though:

Mrs. Powell was apparently driving a Hillman Minx at what she thought was 70 m.p.h. (but unless her speedometer is exceptional, was probably more like 65 m.p.h.) along the M4 in the outside lane. By driving in the passing lane, she was not only inciting other drivers to pass in the middle lane, but was committing an offence. A Jaguar driven by 54-year-old Mr. Rogers, a chauffeur employed by the Standard Telephone Company, who was driving Lord Caccia, Provost of Eton, and Lady Caccia was behind the Powell’s car. Mrs. Powell alleged that Rogers flashed his lights in her mirror and, as she refused to give way, passed on her near-side. Because Enoch Powell bleeped to the police Mr. Rogers, who holds various safety awards, was a member of the IAM, does some 25,000 miles a year and hadn’t had an accident in 34 years, was found guilty of dangerous driving, relieved of £25.50, endorsed, and perhaps lost his job as Lord Caccia’s chauffeur


The self-driving car I want is self-parking. I drive up to the entrance of my office, tap the app on my cell, and the car moseys off and parks itself. When I’m ready to leave I tap the app, the car unparks itself and returns to the entrance to pick me up. Then I take over and drive it myself.


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