Uber announces plans to create a fleet of robo-taxis


Fake article, it is dated July 25, 2023. Aight?

I wonder if it would be more or less freaky to get into a self driving car that had an anamatronic Robert Picardo behind the wheel?

Why did they have to make the driver in graphic look stupid and servile? I’m not like that and very few of my fellow drives are. Half my motivation to keep driving a cab is for opportunities to speak Arabic, French and Hindi with my customers.

That’s a screencap from the original Total Recall. The Johnnycabs were a joke about the transportation in the future.

lol, I’d wager that’s one of the few things Mark & the Daily Mail have in common: running a TechCrunch speculative fiction piece titled “Dispatch from the Future” as if it were a hard news story.

'sokay, I got a chuckle out of it. Although I do think we need more automated cars yesterday. I recently watched Herzog’s It Can Wait, and aside from reinforcing what I already thought about in-car phone use, it really galvanized me on the need for vehicular automation. I’d imagine it can be economized fairly rapidly (I’d hope, at least).

I don’t have stats (does anybody know of granular stats or detailed studies on this?) but I’d bet even undistracted human drivers are worse drivers than robust automation in the vast majority of traffic conditions. I can see highly-skilled & practiced humans being better in some situations (especially non-modeled outliers) but generally I should think computers are better at driving.

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