Robot will beat you at Rock Paper Scissors even faster now


Pretty good. But I’ll be impressed when thy make a computer that beats a human at Tic-tac-toe every time.


And this is why driverless cars are assured: As soon as their crash-reaction (parallel parking, traffic snarl) performance is reliably better than human, insurance companies will lobby to require automated driving in all new cars.

You know, to my merely human senses, a fiftieth of a second is pretty much “nearly simultaneous” already.

I cannot wait until the driverless cars come out. Not only do I think we will be safer in them, but particularly elderly drivers who refuse to give up their licenses will a) be able to continue to go out and run errands safely and b) not tie up the traffic for everyone else. I think for people who have disabilities that limit their motor skills for driving but who have enough mobility to go out, it will be a wonderful improvement in their lives. For those of us who commute, it will make the drive more pleasant. And I think that they can be engineered to use gas more efficiently. I think they will be a game changing technology, similar to cell phones.

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parallels to stock market trading systems, anyone?

Humans have a tell.

They missed an opportunity by not ending with a single finger aimed at the robot.

As far as I am concerned this proves it. We are fucked.

I say throw that fucker a Spock and watch it short out.

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It will be interesting to watch the lawyers for competing interests battle over potential liabilities. When a self-driving car is involved in an accident (as some inevitably will be) who will be responsible? The owner? The manufacturer? The software developer? The government agency that allowed such cars on public roads? It’s gonna be a heck of a fight.

Would you like to play a game?

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