Today Uber started their schedule-ahead service

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Is this a sponsored post?


Yea, sponsored by sub-minimum wages and desperation. Oh, and AN AWESOME APP!


Well sure, but the sub-minimum wages and desperation are only temporary. The human drivers are only being used as a “private army” with a “human face” to break the monopolies of the local taxi services.

If the app lets you schedule ahead a few years, the drivers can schedule a ride from the self-driving cars that replace them.


This only further enslaves the UBER slaves, it’s a disgusting profiteering scam that does nothing for the little guy. Dog I hate UBER!

But it’s internetty! It’s probably even a hack!

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Never used Uber, but BB has taught me that they’re a terrible corporation run by arseholes. Now let’s hear about their brand new product!


Yes, of course they are.

Especially when compared to taxi medallion owners and their political allies, who are of course philosopher kings of the noblest sort, and who treat their medallion renters with a solicitude which would cause Santa Claus to weep with guilt and shame.


I’ve actually been happily carless for the past year or so and for the last several months have been mostly Ubering back and forth to work.

So far it’s been going really well, my drivers have been almost universally awesome, and I’ve made a couple of friends. (They’re also great for practicing the biggish idea pitch on! I’ve been learning a lot) I often would ask how they liked what they were doing and the majority have been really positive about it.

It might be that sort of thing appeals to a certain crowd. I have a hard time correlating what I’m actually experiencing with ‘Evil empire that must be destroyed!’

The way I figure it, one of Uber’s owners must have double parked his Corvette outside one of the BB editors’ San Francisco apartment, and things just kind of snowballed from there.


This feature is stupid and not really much of a feature. All it’s doing is telling the app to request a ride for you at a particular time in the future. It’s not making sure someone will be available to pick you up at that time. On the driver side it looks like a regular trip, because it is. That means that if you normally have trouble getting an Uber to show up at your house, you will have that same trouble. If your rider rating is shitty and drivers often refuse to take your trips, that will still be true. If you always seem to have to wait for 15 minutes, expect to have to wait for 15 minutes from when you schedule the ping to go out. Unless you often find yourself failing to actually call for a car to take you places you are scheduled to be, even though you somehow remember that you need to be at those places at those times, this feature will not add any functionality.

That might explain it!

I hope none of this anti-Uber stuff negatively impacts the drivers though. They’re generally pretty fun peeps!


Wait, this doesn’t look like Ycombinator…

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