To Serve Man: it's a notebook!



You can use one of these to peel the veggies in the recipes. Yum!

So cool! I have been looking for a notebook to write my DiY recipes in.
Found it!

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This will go well with my binder full of women.


Niiice. There hasn’t been anything close to the Twilight Zone.

“sooner or later, we’ll all be on the menu…all of us”

“The recollections of one Michael Chambers with appropriate flashbacks
and soliloquy. Or more simply stated, the evolution of man. The cycle of
going from dust to dessert. The metamorphosis from being the ruler of a
planet to an ingredient in someone’s soup. It’s tonight’s bill of fare
from The Twilight Zone.” (from Wikipedia)

Considering what the 1% have done to and taken from the rest of us, I’d say this has
come to pass. It was a prophecy!

Sounds like a good time to evolve poison.

I used to have a nice red white and blue binder for the CDC National Death Index that I carried for a few classes.

wow cool like ideal feed mind notebook inspiration in a twilight can I buy?

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