Tokyo tattoo tights

Tokyo Fashion Diaries reports on “tattoo stockings” that are apparently hot items this summer. They make their wearers appear to have elaborate tattoos up and down their legs – a lower-limb twist on the tattoo sleeve shirts. TATTOO STOCKINGS ARE STILL BOOMING IN JAPAN. HERE ARE SOME OF THE COOLEST (AND WEIRDEST?) FOR THIS SUMMER… READ THE REST

The picture just makes me want to get tatoos of origami.

oddly, tattoos may, in fact, now be more ubiquitous than tights.

which totally explains the exploding success of the tattoo removal business.

In Japan? Probably not. Tattoos are pretty taboo in Japan. They have historically represented a connection with organized crime and are considered unclean (beaches, swimming pools, and public baths may ban people who have tattoos). In fact, the mayor of Osaka famously made his city employees fill out forms indicating where they had tattoos on their bodies, and indicated that he didn’t think people who have visible tattoos should work for the city.


my bad. i was extrapolating to n. american culture.

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