Tom Cruise is right: motion-smoothing sucks


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What’s the best way to watch the soap opera that IS Tom Cruise?



Soap Opera Effect looks like closed studio lighting, a la 70s USA sitcoms. I don’t own a TV, but watched a DVD in someone’s home on a set that had this turned on, and it was very disconcerting.


He’s right.
You can’t see the subliminal messaging about Scientology with Blurring turned On.


First thing I do when setting up a TV is turning everything off: weird frame-rate stuff, anything “dynamic,” noise reduction…

Just display the images I’m piping into you, as I deliver them, OK?


“Tom Cruise is right…” excuse me, :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:
OK, I’m alright now. Wait… :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:
Nope, cannot do it. Just cannot do it.



You gotta get Blur to get Clear!


Anyone else wonder where the heck is the side-by-side comparison after the line, “Without a side-by-side comparison, many people can’t quite put their finger on why the movie they’re watching looks strange?”


When I wiggle my fingers in front of my face I see motion blur, and motion blur is what I want to see in my motion pictures.


Remember all the blowback from The Hobbit’s presentation in 48 FPS?


“What the film maker intended”… Who cares what they intended?

Let the viewer chose.

If you’re going to get upset about what it looks like, maybe let’s start with the stupid sharpen filter, the over saturation, the shitty black levels, the high treble and high bass, or the antipiracy warnings, previews, and ads littered all over a movie.


It’s actually “the phi phenomenon” that is responsible for what people often attribute to “persistence of vision”


God yes, this.

I don’t want a smart TV. I don’t want my clean, beautiful digital video processed or converted or interlaced or any of the other unspeakable idiocies that TVs think they have to do to video because of 80 years of obsolete broadcast standards. Just play the fucking file I feed you.

Come to think of it, all I really want is a nice big 1080p computer monitor. Why do I have to pay more for the privilege of not having an OTA receiver or smart technology or any of the rest of TV standards fuckery built into a display panel?


My Samsung TV is 5 years old, I have no idea whether it has motion smoothing, can’t see anything on the settings and TBH, call me a philistine but I’m OK knowing that I’ll not be inviting Tom around to my house for some movies…


I think movies have really shitty framerate. The last few movies i went to i noticed action scenes that were incredibly blurry to the point that it hurt my eyes and in the theater i was thinking to myself that it’d look better filmed at a higher rate. I’m sure the issue is not as bad when seen on a TV but on the big screen it was just bad.


So what’s the smoothing technology used in that video to make Tom Cruise look like he’s still 35?


That’s what happens when you drive all the thetans out.


My God. What if Tom Cruise was right about everything?!


I used this concept to upres the fram rate to make movie footage look like it was shot on video mashup the Xmen and the sitcom Facts of Life:

Who knew Xavier lived in Peekskill?

Also, that is the first feature I disable on every tv I get my hands on.