TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Miracle of Consciousness

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I just don’t understand this one.

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To be fair Wayne’s consciousness caused him to act like a complete asshole.

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Typo alert: “Consciouness”

The title talks about the miracle of consciousness putting people in charge of their actions. But it’s ironic: here the human and the pigeon are doing the exact same foolish things. The human can wonder why he is doing them, but he no more manages to avoid them than the bird that does not.

It’s showing pigeons engaging in the same behaviour as the human, and the human lamenting his lack of control over his behaviour.

I read it as: “Yes, humans have the potential for more control over their actions due to their consciousness, but most of the time, they just fall back on instinctual behaviour, making them no different from the pigeons.”

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Cheers, biped.

Well I got that much. Am I overthinking? Bolling almost always makes an good point and a laugh.


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