TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Truth About Numbers… Bible Math!

The Bible always says like “two thousand men were killed” in a battle. It’s always a number that seems to be rounded off to the nearest hundred or thousand. It’s never “2,352 men were killed.”

But the thing is when the Bible says “two thousand” it has to be literally true, because it’s the Bible. The lack of odd numbers in the Bible is quite strange, but hey, that’s just how Yahweh rolls.

Hey now, Jews don’t need biblical literalism; they lived that shit.

It wasn’t until the followers of the ingenue “Jesus Christ” that this came into vogue. Yahweh, for all his deeply-seated issues, was pretty cool with polysemy and textual ambiguity.

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but of course, they are both a golden calf

My favorite of Ken Ham’s is his “evidence” that fossil evidence for “millions” (actually billions) of years is false are the fossils that show strife, animals killing other animals, thorny foliage.

As Ham blithely says, How can you have thorns before sin? (How can this “fallen,” less than ideal world have existed millions/billions of years before Adam and Eve leaving the garden and their Sin of disobedience?)

Just by finding carnivorous dinosaurs and thorny foliage in the fossil record, that alone means those fossils must be less than 6000 years old. (If you have radiometric isotope dating, or tree rings, or glacier ice layers that show a much much older age, that’s your problem.)


No matter how rational, ANYTHING that seems to contradict their belief model becomes a threat and must be eradicated so it’s no longer a threat. This applies on the ideological level and on the physical level; witness throughout history how people have been killed or imprisoned for religious reasons. This is why we don’t want these people running the government.

I am a proud atheist and if I sound gloating and smug and overtly proud about it, than go find some solace in a(some) god(s)(esses) of your choosing. Ruben Bolling is funny every strip he creates. Christian trolls are also funny, but in a sad way. It makes me laugh every time someone mentions “The Bible”. Which bible pray tell; the twenty year old version, the two hundred year old version, the two thousand year old version or the twenty thousand year old version used by snowshoe wearing people crossing from upper asia into america?
Tom the Dancing Bug shall tickle my fancy with every installment.

the nytimes article mentions scientists used radiometric dating to come to their conclusion. We all know that to fundamental christians, radiometric dating is unarguably flawed. The (Biblical) universe would collapse if radiometric dating were true.

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