TOM THE DANCING BUG: Will Pinocchio, Inc. Ever Become a Real Boy?


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Everybody’s making Pinocchio a corporation these days.

Best takeaway from that (for me).


In the original story Pinocchio, the cricket shows up to tell Pinocchio to be a good boy, and the first thing Pinocchio does is throw a shoe at him, which crushes the cricket to death. True story.


I’m having a hard time believing that Pinocchio, Inc would let the presence of crickets on an endangered list stop him, in panel 8.


If crickets were in fact endangered, it may make more profits for the shareholders to spend the labour to capture or dismantle the cricket rather than just kill him.

The original Pinocchio was pretty awful.

At one point the puppet boy finds the Blue Fairy laid out dead, with a sign blaming Pinocchio’s bad behavior.

Only it turns out she was just fucking with him to teach him a lesson.

Really. Either she pretended to be dead to traumatize him, or the author changed his mind and revived her and put a lame excuse in her mouth.

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Excellent point!

A corporate person would crunch the numbers, spin off enough subsidiaries to create plausible deniability, then have the most distant of them kill the cricket.

When confronted with the wrongdoing, the crime would be found to have been committed by the layer of wood a few molecules thick on the bottom of Pinochio, Inc.'s shoe.

That subsidiary would be shed with a few swipes of sandpaper. The corporation would know the divestiture was complete when the cricket guts were gone.

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