Tongue is not the strongest muscle in the body



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the myth may have emerged from the fact that you probably never feel your tongue getting tired


I have always heard since childhood that it was the jaw, and have never heard anything about the tongue being strongest.


Never? Maybe the researchers need to, hmm, further, hmm, never mind.

Citation needed, is what I’m getting at.


Yeah, I’ve actually got lactic acid burn in my tongue a bunch of times…


I’ve definitely felt my tongue get tired, for a handful of reasons.


“Iowa oral performance instrument”

May be the least sexy thing I’ve heard in a while.


It can happen if you aren’t doing it right.


I used to feel my tongue get tired. Now I don’t. Practice makes perfect, I guess.




Veiled (and maybe not-so-veiled) cunnilingus references.





You sir, must be a cunning linguist…


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