Top tech grads are increasingly unwilling to work for Big Tech, viewing it as a new, unethical Wall Street

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a genuine excitement for the transformative potential of tech to make a fairer, more equitable world.


In regards to your reference to Palantir, “Top tech grads” don’t usually pop out of school with clearances required to work for them or for companies utilizing their tech in the first place.

Note in the search below that most if not all require substantial clearances.

This may be one case where college grads are squeezed out by spooks, seasoned DC/Gov workers or retired military. These people are already buying into the “Unethical Wall Street” tech industry and the extremely high pay that goes along with it.


I kind of question this because i live in a city where there’s a lot of presence from tech companies (hardware and software) and they seem to be doing more than fine finding people to hire. They pay exceedingly well so i can’t imagine a lot of people would turn down the kinds of salaries they offer.


Unlike the other companies mentioned, there’s no pretending that Palantir is anything other than an engine of evil. Anyone choosing to work for them knows exactly what they’re getting into.


My son’s computer science prof started his course this term by getting the students to promise never to work for Facebook. Mind you, it’s a Canadian University, and we do things differently here.


It would help if BoingBoing removed the obnoxious “login with Facebook”, “login with Twitter” et al from this forum.

It’s not just difficulty recruiting new candidates. Now that Google has gone all-in on evil, it’s paying the consequences:

The change has been noticed by some on the outside, too. “What the hell is going on over there?” tweeted Andreessen Horowitz partner Martin Casado over the summer. “The brain drain at Google right now is astonishing.”


Wait… you mean there’s an ethical Wall Street? :thinking: :no_mouth: :neutral_face:

This is an excellent development and I hope Big Tech wakes up and shapes up, ethically. They are failing all around and California is starting to regulate Big Tech’s practices around privacy and data management - and we aren’t alone. It’s time for Big Tech to play nice or not at all.


Where are they working instead?
At some startups that are still not relevant enough to be labeled shit?


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“As tech firms get more negative reviews in the media and it becomes clear what their political toll can be, students may have more circumspection about taking these jobs,” she said. “At the same time, they’ll continue taking these jobs because of the security and reputation that comes with them. And universities will keep sponsoring all this recruitment.”

We can talk about how students are supposed to be imbued with high-minded idealism all we want, and some of them surely are. But when you’re dangling six figure salaries in front of 24 year olds any age group, you are always going to get some bites.

I too would pass on any tech company that still uses jquery…

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I would pass on any tech company that loads their javascript from a cdn they don’t control.

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If we applaud people for turning down excessive salaries because of idealism, we might also start discussing the ads on Boing Boing, which appear to benefit exactly those corporations we want young people to stay away from. If one insists they must have ads, there’s other ways.

Yes, it lives right down the street from the unicorns.

And now you know why big companies spend so much to lobby Congress for the H1B visa program. You think someone from Pakistan gives a rat about the ethics of Americans?

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