Topic is an international favorites streaming service that’s on sale for just $2.50 a month

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When you sit down on your couch to watch TV, the volume of options is truly staggering.

Yes, the volume of garbage is truly staggering.


Why is the Boing Boing store charging $29.99 for one year, and $59.99 for 2 years? Is there something that makes the second year cost an extra penny? Usually when you buy in bulk or pay long ahead, you expect a DISCOUNT, not a PRICE BUMP.

This sort of pricing seems to be popping up a lot, I’ve been seeing it in real world stores where they will charge $0.99 a piece for X, or $3.99 for 4X. Like, WTF??? The only thing I can ascribe it to is some sort of auto-pricing system that favors .99 endings over actual unit price multiples. I just grab multiple singles, because mathematical literacy. Didn’t figure Boing Boing would be forcing me to play that game.


While I’m sure it’s a decent service, part of my goes “crap, not another streaming service.”

In this case, buying two singles won’t work - you’d have two concurrent years rather than sequential years. I guess the extra penny is to lock in this year’s pricing.

I mean, the real reason is the .99 ending you mention, of course.

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