Toronto cops can frequently get your public transit history without a warrant


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God I love cash.

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You get a 25 cent discount if you use tokens, which are still (currently) accepted.

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other than to help law enforcement track you down, why in dog’s name do you need to attach your name ( and apparently, address?) to the cards?

( and would that mean tourists and people without fixed addresses are barred from using the card? )


You can buy an anonymous card if you wish. But the way the system is designed, registering the card gives advantages such as automatic top-ups and balance restoration on a lost card. Seniors and students must use a registered card to get discounts on fares.


so only old criminals are getting caught? :wink:

seems like the only way to really stop them from giving the info out is for the info to not be collected in the first place.


Only dumb cheapskate old criminals. The others can use an anonymous card or cash.

I won’t attempt to justify anything about the Presto system. I’m currently averaging about one problem per ten trips, an improvement over the one-in-five I experienced at the start, compounded by customer service flunkies who don’t know what they’re talking about.


And this is also one of the reasons why people are motivated to register their cards, because the friggin’ FAIL and if they aren’t registered then you lose all the money you’ve loaded on it.

And it’s also what makes the idea that the police can track you with them extra creepy because it is clear that the tracking isn’t that accurate – ie, you might have a great alibi, but that transfer didn’t get picked up by the system.

I hate presto.

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