Toronto's public library under threat from Rob Ford's Library Board


Libraries are the most dangerous institutions in a dictatorship or oligarchy. Of course they’re being obliterated.


And not just in Canada, either.


New motto, courtesy of Bill Hicks: “Whatcha readin’ for?”


The most important thing that people can do to advocate for libraries is tirelessly work to tear down the image that the library is all about books.

Libraries are safe public spaces where people can simply exist without the expectation of spending money.

They are community services, outreach programs, childhood development institutions, and advocates for social change.

They are places for people to access technology, experiment with, and develop new digital literacy skills.

And it is also important to stress that they provide entertainment options to people that may not be able to afford them (as if having access to affordable entertainment is something trivial!).

When I want to pick a playful fight with my colleagues, my opening salvo is “books are the least important thing in a public library”.


That’s funny, because it seems like more and more librarians agree with that.


All of the ridiculous things Rob Fraud carried out during his reign of error will be reversed in the next couple of months, library cuts included.

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Fingers crossed.

Isn’t it a bit disingenuous to call it “Rob Ford’s Library Board”? Yes, he was a horrible bumblefuck of a Mayor, but the Mayor only really has so much power. Isn’t much of city council exactly the same now as it was before ol’ Robbie retired?

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