Toy hot rod car restoration

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Nah these are a visual meditation/relaxation for me. Caught this one in the wee hours this morning. It needed lots of filler putty but it sure turns out quite nice looking. Using the vacuform to recreate the top was pretty cool.


That’s pretty satisfying, in particular the sandblasting and painting. I’m kind of amazed some of that even worked - I would have imagined that the cracked plastic wheels would be bad through-and-through, not able to be fixed up with a wash and polish.


What unseen magic produced the wheel hubs/surrounds? Did I miss something (watching it at double speed)?

Got me too… those are repro parts.

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I’m a theoretical restorer, so it’s nice to see it in practice.

Do you restore theories or work on theories of restoring? I’m confused.

To clear that up, buy my book on Amazon, “Theoretical Restoration: What is it even?”. I’m trying to make a living on that confusion.


Another option would have been to just throw it out.

My preferred.

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