Trailer for The Internet Wants, when the big hotels use psychopaths to disrupt Airbnb

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To attack a trust-based system, targeting the trust itself is a highly efficient way.


Almost too efficient. How does a trust-based system counter-attack and/or defend against this kind of attack?

The closest threat parallel I can think of to a capital-based system is counterfeiting, in that it attacks the basis of the system’s trust, and that is literally a concern that ties up the attentions of multiple major government bodies.


I will still use AirBnB, regardless of the “scare” tactics.

Paris Hilton is, as usual, one step ahead of us: Airbnb guests shocked by decomposing corpse in garden


Just so we’re clear, no one is saying that this actually happened. It’s a trailer for a TV show.

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Just to be clear, I will still use AirBnB.

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