Transparency - changes to the BBS


This conceit is a step too far for me. I get what’s trying to be done here, and I was never invested in the whole hierarchy in the first place, but the way this is all going down, and this idea that you are above “us Regulars” and are making the decisions unilaterally, and claiming some kind of persecuted status as a result, is galling. You, the BB owners, and everyone involved with this site has benefitted greatly from our participation. Learn to appreciate your supporters.


Of course!

Sleepy bedtime. :sleeping:


I think I’m not a Reg anymore. I mean, I am. I was. But I’m not now.


Here’s the thing, we could all be a huge financial plus if instead of keeping us at arm’s length, they’d embrace us. Regular’s Hoe Down event for Happy Mutants? Count me in! If someone wanted to make money off it, here’s my wallet.


Cosmic Muffin


If we’re just making our fictional titles up now, I wanna be a DiskoPickle, for my own sense of non-intrusive nostalgia.


The timing is specifically what galls me. If the abolition of the lounge had not been so soon after all the bans and more time had been given to all to process, I wouldn’t have been terribly bothered.


I feel like I’m going to go to hell for liking this, but it did make me laugh. :smiling_imp:


But only for ten years.


So you think that you are worthy of diskopickle, eh?



What’s this about Modus?


Assuming that you’re sincere, the short version:

About a week ago, jlw posted a topic about St. Elsewhere.

MO posted something typically MO.

jlw deleted it.

MO posted asking where that post had gone.

jlw deleted that.

Rinse and repeat a few times.

jlw posted a warning not to go off-topic again.

MO posted complaining about that warning.

MO got banned for two weeks.

And then things escalated from there, with several Regulars getting banned for much longer than two weeks, and others donning white/transparent/ghost avatars in protest of those bans.

If you want further details, PM me so that we don’t derail this topic.


Well. I go away for a day or two and find I have been re-accommodated. This is not a wonderful thing.

@orenwolf, thank you for engaging with us here and in the past. The role of flak-catcher is not one I envy. I assure you that anything I say here is not an attack on you.

That’s not what Jason said just the other day. According to him the BBS is solely a place to chat about the items posted by the authors on the front page.

That’s a bit like saying we should not have to lock our doors because the police will protect us, and if they can’t, society has failed. The mods can only act after the fact, and rely on the members to alert them. Even if they shut down trolls instantly, once a member has revealed anything personal it is out there permanently. It’s a tribute to the atmosphere of the Lounge that so many felt comfortable doing that.

[quote=“orenwolf, post:28, topic:99223”]
Ah, but there will still be Regular badges given out. Just now it’ll be a deliberate process…[/quote]
That sounds a lot like a board of mods deciding who is worthy. I don’t see how that is more democratic than the former method. Not that it matters. I really don’t need a kitten sticker in my colouring book.

[quote=“popobawa4u, post:60, topic:99223”]
I see the more egalitarian approach as having the same banquet - except that the kids are present.[/quote]

Not kids. Malignant trolls and the relentlessly negative jerks who keep showing up in the BBS.

Yes. If it was in my nature to share any issues, I would have met with a polite and supportive response in the Lounge. If I opened up in the public forums I could, at the very least, expect some combination of suckitupspecialsnowflakefirstworldproblems. And as a white male, I am far less vulnerable than many here. Others would get much worse.

No, you’re saying If you can’t shout it at the top of your lungs in the shopping mall on Saturday afternoon, you shouldn’t talk about it in a circle of close friends.

I was unaware of it until I found myself in it. But the regulars are by definition just people who read and post a lot, not some sort of snobbish elite, and there wasn’t any superior attitude in the Lounge (considering some of the members, that would have been hard to maintain :wink:). If you or anyone else had found your way there, you would have been greeted enthusiastically, because literally everyone was.

Full disclosure: I started the Hey, Rube! topic, and it was nothing like what @stinkinbadgers describes. I wish I could show you the initial post describing the purpose of the thread, but hey, it’s gone. It was a place to alert regulars to trolls in the BBS, and call for support in fighting them. When @orenwolf first visited, he actually was nice enough to remark that it was an extremely useful topic. If someone wasn’t a racist/misogynist troll, they weren’t talked about, and in more than one case the consensus was to give the benefit of the doubt.

No, one of them was set up by me to spin a lot of angst away from the main Lounge thread, where the troll discussions were threatening to swamp everything else. Since the Hey, Rube! topic had something over 5000 posts (maybe more, I can’t remember) in the few months it was in existence, I’d say it filled a need.

I, for one, am glad it’s you. (And I don’t say that to be cruel. :wink:).

The pedant’s pendant is still up for grabs, right? :grin:


I’m not a badge collector, but if they try to take away my Mostly Harmless badge, there’s going to be trouble.


Assuming that you’re sincere,

I was indeed being facetious. But I was wondering how it went down all the same, so thanks.


My statement was actually the opposite - I was responding to the idea that it was only “Personal” for the Regulars, when in fact, this has been a spirited discussion internally as well, one that went to the heart of what Boing Boing as a whole wants the BBS to be - and that is very personal to everyone, as you might expect.

I don’t believe myself above anyone, and I apologize if anything I said could have been construed that way, because then I failed in communicating my thoughts in the way I intended.


Would have been nice if this was posted in the Lounge as a proposal for how things might change in the near future, instead of being presented to us as an disciplinary ultimatum having immediate effect.


This is what I imagine taking place:


Again, from the “out group” perspective that can look like an elite group discussing what to do about the unwashed masses. I’d have been uncomfortable with that even had I been able to maintain status as a Regular.

Somehow I’m reminded here of all the discussions and venom theirin about the “1%” or corporate tax rates, any of the eat the rich threads. Someone else getting to decide their own fate is bad but when this elite may be subject to change, it must be good to self consult.