Transparent game controllers with tiny dioramas inside them

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I suspect that the industrial whimsey mills don’t work cheap; but it looks like you get one figurine on the left, one flat printed background across the top, and one flat printed foreground on the right; which seems like just skimming the lower end of the ‘diorama’ category(though technically on the correct side of the line).

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I really like the Pikman version!

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I saw these on ars, and at first I was like “oo” because they (intentionally) look like dioramas cast in solid resin. But on closer inspection that seems dubious – they could just be decals on a polycarbonate shell – and anyway if they were solid resin I’d have questions about repairability / battery explodiness / the ethical ramifications of being able to buy such a thing for $40. Also I don’t care about Sonic, and privately assume that anyone who does is a sex pervert.

But I do like the idea!

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