Trippy and relaxing animated insects move to a hypnotic beat

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This was beautiful and very enjoyable. I checked out his other animations and they’re all just as hypnotic and even more trippy - I suggest checking out the Elephant’s Garden while in a pleasant mood.


Man, that was awesome. Can’t believe I didn’t figure out that it was bamboo till the last 30 seconds!

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Love it! This is why BB is so full of wonderful things.

I took some screen snaps of bits n bobs for my reference file. Reminds me a touch of Nina Paley or a demented Ghibli or median Terry Gilliam. Funny how typing those names now I think slightly not-so-great thoughts about each of my references in turn. Their work is good/great. Can I admire them like Ludwig Holhwein? Not saying I am any great judge or innocent either.


About 15 seconds in I was thinking huh? this is weird and then the ladybird crawled up the bamboo and I was hooked, it’s a beautiful, weird thing, excellent.


Perhaps this is specific to just me, but I like the animation and I like the music, but feel their juxtaposition just doesn’t quite work. The music is sunny and languid, while the animation is tightly wound and noodly.

I had never seen Felix Colgrave work until today, and went down the rabbit hole after watching this. I have a new favorite thing that makes my world a better place. Thanks for sharing, Andrea!


I feel privileged to live in Melbourne because it makes it so easy to attend the Melbourne International Animation Festival every year. Felix Colgrave is one talented artist! I loved “Double King” last year, and am astonished and pleasantly surprised that he followed-up so soon with “Flyin’ Bamboo”. Seeing these films on YouTube is great, but I have to say they’re an absolute treat on the big screen. :slight_smile:


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