Trump admin sued for requiring foreigners to disclose social media accounts when applying for visas

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Because literally no one would ever need or want to use a name other than their full legal name…

John Miller, John Barron, I’m lookin’ at you…


Why does Boing Boing keep illustrating stories that have nothing to do with Chase Bank with a picture that has two instances of Chase Bank’s logo?

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Just a stylistic suggestion: no need to abbreviate “trump administration” to “trump admin” when “trump junta” is the same number of letters and is more descriptive.


Welp, mission accomplished… :expressionless:


What if they say they don’t use social media?

What if they genuinely don’t have any social media accounts? Are they automatically denied? Has social media addiction and corporate corruption reached the point where you’re not allowed to visit the United States if your personal data isn’t actively making money for Google or Facebook?

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I don’t understand why they need to know about non-english language Harry Potter slash fiction accounts made by foreigners. I’m sure they have much better uses of their time.


I hope Mr. Ek doesn’t want to come here, then.

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