Trump plans ban on laptops in the cabins of flights from Europe


I’m not seeing myself visiting the United States of Trump anyhow.


If he’s still in office in 2019, coming here would be like someone in the mid-1930s talking about “taking my holiday in the Reich.”


Absolutely agreed, and I wonder if part of this is a big push for the TSA to force more people to get into TSA Precheck, with laptop use included as part of the package. The more people they can pre-vet, the fewer staff they need for TSA security lines. Businesses will cover the fees, and at $85 a traveler, it’s pure profit.


I’m inclined to file this under “brazenly outrageous moves specifically chosen to distract people from a more subtle villainy”.


Yeah, I think they are even overdoing the moves. I am not sure which of the twenty brazenly outrageous moves I am so supposed to match up with the distracting from what particular ten subtle villainies.


sure, lets put the combustable batteries where we can’t see them during the flight.

Fucking genius.


One more solid bit of proof that the tens of billions of dollars spent on “security” are wasted. Even the people who put all this crap in place do not trust their own protocols.

Be interesting to see where the exceptions go…those who will be allowed to bring their laptops etc. Business people will go ape shit over this.

This was floated once before if I recall correctly: A proposed ban on all carry-ons. Got shot down by business as it was, correctly, pointed out this would hamstring millions of business travelers.

Bet you a nickel first class will be exempt and certainly politicians.

For all the constant chanting that risk assessment is used, I see no evidence they evaluate the realities at any point.


It was. There was a proposal floated by one congress critter or another for a short while to require all air travelers to go to a “depot” sort of thing where they would change into airline issued clothing and nothing could be brought on as carry-on. There were to be no direct drop-offs or pick up at airports.

Someone somewhere had a rush of brains to their head when the cost of this, let alone the logistics of supplying things like medications and stuff to keep babies clean would be beyond staggering.


Ever see those fanciful drawings from the early days of commercial flight that depicted wide, spacious cabins full of happy people walking around with drinks in hand and mingling or eating at tables while gazing at the lovely views through panoramic windows?

I bet that artist would feel silly right about now.


Air Canada, baby!


I’d be interested/horrified to learn how long this system would be in effect before those in charge finally realized that tampons and pads would have to be dealt with as well.


I expect that El Al will not ban laptops, and will do just fine.


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