TSA to require some electronics out of bags at 10 U.S. airports starting Memorial Day weekend

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The better for them to inspect your gadgets window shop.


As long as they remain unconcerned about large mechanical devices, I’m good.


Darn, and I was all set to celebrate.

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The agency is a waste of time and space and only makes people hate flying more.

As for the machine that will bring up the person’s info. Congrats on leaving the 90s and joining the 21st Century TSA.

If I can drive, I will. If I need to fly, pretty sure I’ll leave all my devices home and just get a burn phone when I arrive at wherever. Or maybe put my phone in a FedEx box and overnight it to my destination.

TSA can fuck off



Huh. I assumed this was already common everywhere. It hasn’t really been a problem for me since I’m always removing my laptop anyway so it doesn’t take much extra effort. And the devices are just going through the belt, not into some back room (they have other methods I place for that sort of access).


It is common on flights within Europe, no big deal as far as I’m concerned.

The goal, says TSA, is to reduce

That’s the end of a paragraph. Is some of it missing, @xeni?

I have been going through this hassle for years here at SEA. They are always particularly suspicious of my Cpap machine and one time made me assemble the whole thing. Some training on electrical medical equipment might be in order as well.


Is the current Attorney General behind this?
Are they going after vapes?

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I am a multimedia artist who often makes homemade electronics. And I tend to go on the offensive when challenged by authoritarian blowhards. I certainly don’t relish the possibility of them confronting me about my work/projects!

Any word on these suspicious foods?

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[quote=“xeni, post:1, topic:101555”]
Devices bigger than phones to be screened separate[/quote]
Such as?


it is not a problem for you

the submissiveness training by our government has paid off.

:frowning: forget any freedom! lets trade it for the illusion of safety and government controls! YAY!

I has a sad.

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That sounds like a really bad day to be traveling with a 3D-printed RPi PipBoy.


I am surprised this is “new.” I’ve had to do this everywhere I’ve flown in the US since 2015.


I agree that gradual acceptance of more and more suppression of rights or invasion of privacy is a problem but this isn’t that. They just want us to lay out our panoply of gadgets in a manner they can easily be scanned rather than as a jumbled mess in a backpack that also contains chargers, and cables, and headphones etc.

This seems perfectly reasonable to me.

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I haven’t been to the US since before laptops were really a thing but all over Europe and Asia you have to take laptops out of their bags. I have seen cardinals doing it in departures at Rome. They look like the sort of hard core business travelers who only travel with a laptop. Everything else they keep at their destination.