Trump's acting attorney general: Judges should be Christian with a "biblical view of justice"


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Shocked I am not.


Don’t worry—soon he’ll be replaced by Chis Christie, a man who has no principles of any kind.



There’s a certain irony to the selection of those category tags, as there’s a fairly obvious intolerance of religious persons reflected in the article.




I would think the acting Attorney General should have a working knowledge of the Constitution.


We’re just intolerant of the idea that the US should be a theocracy.

I would expect pretty much everyone to agree here that christian people are fine. They’re just people. Enjoy your weird human-sacrifice based religion.

But a lot of us would also agree that foisting christian values into the justice system is as bad as trying to force in sharia law.

It’s a dumb idea.


Separation of Church and State

Kinda basic.


Mr.Whitaker is entirely welcome to his religious beliefs as long as he keeps them the fuck out of our justice system.

Seriously. I can’t even.


as bad as trying to force in sharia law.


Only if you equate “religious” with “having a religion-based opposition to secular government.” Which I certainly don’t.

Know who I think of when I think of a religious politician? Jimmy Carter. He’s an ordained deacon who spent his sunset years building houses for poor people, for crying out loud. Yet he managed to spend his entire career without once suggesting that non-Christian people shouldn’t be recognized as full citizens in our society.


There’s no possible way that this guy isn’t also a white supremacist, Xtian extremist, right?

Like, the chances have got to be low.


America was founded as, and remains, a secular nation.


Which is sadly neck deep in morons.


That sort of ignores the fact that the system of English Common Law on which our legal system is based, is heavily influenced by the Judeo Christian legal traditions.


As George Carlin said, “Religions are like a pair of shoes. Find one that fits you and you like, but don’t try to make me wear your shoes.”




The millions of pages of tax law would like to disagree.

Most law has nothing to do with judeo christian values, and in fact the ones that do intersect are basically all the stupid obvious ones like it being illegal to kill people.

The government doesn’t enforce what jesus says is the most important commandment. And most of the ten commandments aren’t law either.

A pluralistic society like the USA can’t be based on judeo christian values because they’re completely antithetical to the idea that everyone should be allowed to practice whatever religion they want.

The USA isn’t a christian nation, it’s a secular nation with a lot of christians.


We also based a lot of our government’s structure on traditions going back to ancient Greece. Heck, to this day most government buildings are still influenced by neoclassical architecture.

So I guess logically we should make sure our Judges are polytheists who make the proper sacrifices to Zeus and Hera and Poseidon as appropriate?


"Their argument is based on the idea that the Attorney General is a “principal officer,” and therefore must be confirmed by the Senate. The authors, both of whom are attorneys, claim that not only is Whitaker’s appointment improper, but anything that he does in the role is also by definition improper.

“President Trump’s installation of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general of the United States after forcing the resignation of Jeff Sessions is unconstitutional,” they wrote. “It’s illegal. And it means that anything Mr. Whitaker does, or tries to do, in that position is invalid.”"