Trump's anti-education Education Secretary owes millions in election fraud fines


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Draining the swamp so that better predators can take residence.


Tips for surviving a dark age:


  • Move to the country
  • Learn to garden
  • Have your children read smarter books
  • The VPN is how everyone should use the internet
  • Connect with your neighbors


  • Don’t live in areas with soldier club “militias”
  • Don’t forget to vote
  • Don’t isolate yourself and your family
  • Don’t “arm up”. Those machine guns won’t help you at all. Seriously.


She clearly doesn’t meet the character requirements for the appointment.


I find your advice contradictory.


The idea is to live far enough from seats of rulership to avoid the majority of their…problems, without being so far from civilization that you cannot gather together with neighbors for good times and to quietly make problems go away.

I’ve read that this is actually how the triads started.


Agreed. I live in swing state that voted blue however just a few miles outside of any metro area brings you up close and personal with card carrying members of the NRA who meet in groups. And they’re not not meeting for ice cream socials.

I’d suggest moving to metro blue bubble instead.Join an urban farm collective. Be an activist. Be subversive. And fucking vote every chance you get. From the bottom up.

Just say’n.


Amway! Woo!! Sucker your friends into selling for you snake oil and $10 tubes of toothpaste! That’s right folks, Jesus wants you to chew Glister too!


You beat me to it. Seriously as someone who grew up in Missouri move to the country and don’t live in areas with militias is nigh impossible. Also moving out to the country isn’t that basically isolating yourself and family?


It’s called Vermont.


Trump is a scumbag appointing scumbags.



I hear 'ya man! Likewise.

Every day I wake up and read/hear/smell more of the crap that is coming out of the sweaty ass end of the Trump transition team and every day is it obvious that Bannon / Trump / Putin trifecta are giving this country giant greasy middle fingers every day.



It’s not really fair to call her anti-education, is it



If the media were actually controlled by sinister liberal billionaires I wouldn’t have found this out from Twitter.

Oregon’s senators have been on this for a couple weeks now.



Nothing says “Protestant work ethic” like marrying into an inheritance based on a pyramid scheme.

It’s a headline, but you’re right in that it’s a bit broad-brush. DeVos seems to be all for the old-fashioned type of “education” traditionally foisted on the masses by churches in order to make them more pliable to state control and more susceptible to scams.


Hypocrisy is a Protestant value. More so in the South where you do not know that you have been insulted until a week later.


Sure it is. Charter school proliferation in Michigan has reduced educational outcomes for all Michigan students. Or are you preferring to call her anti-union? [insert “why not both” gif here]


Something like this?