Trump's Space Council chief says space is "not a commons" and promises that it will become property of US corporations


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I suspect space is going to be under the jurisdiction of whomever can secure it.


Good luck trying to lock down space when anyone with enough propellant can hit your butt with a thousand micrometeoroids. Hard to say “I own this” when you’re venting atmosphere.


Haha yeah, yet another example of an unimaginative tool.

Really, there can be no warfare in space; the absolute lethality of even a single projectile moving unimpeded by friction precludes it.

Beyond that, our local “space” has more resources than a hundred earths. With that quantity of resource available (eventually), the concept of money becomes obsolete.


The previous director of the Space Program is a friend of mine. Scott Pace is lying. The position of the United States has been, indeed, that space is meant for the common heritage of mankind, specifically.




Usually when the villains take off their masks they get sent to jail by Scooby and the gang.


Kinda my point. The only way capitalism can work is if people respect property. In space, no one is going to respect your property rights if all that backs it up is a piece of paper. Force is required to make property valid. No force, no property. It doesn’t mean everyone’s satellite or station gets nabbed when no one’s looking but I really doubt any bozo can expect a claim to L5 or some other arbitrary coordinate is going to get the time of day. Space is big and dangerous. Especially to those who want to seize it for capitalism.


Space resources are going to be controlled by the states willing to inflict the most damage on competitors while also willing to absorb the greatest losses, both in expenditure and humans. In other words, China.


Daytime-full-moon trump


Just like how the discovery of fabulous, seemingly unlimited resources in the New World ended poverty and class distinctions in Europe.


Space Wars: The Lost Hope.


Everyone wants to watch c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate, but no one wants to make the policies to make it happen.


Do you want “Hardwired?” Because that’s how you get “Hardwired.”


I need to go find a quiet place to vomit and weep.


while he’s at it, why not lay claim to the sun and go to war with other countries still using its light


That was limited by harvesting rates/shipping etc, and wasn’t unlimited in any way.
Space rocks and hydrocarbons, however, are to be found in quantities several orders of magnitude to which humanity has ever had access to. The amount of iron alone changes economic rules we think are…ironclad.


Except that we can’t really access it now or in the foreseeable future. Space is really, really big and even the closest planets are really, really far.


Pace: The US owns space.
Somewhere in space: LOL


Space is a Harsh Mistress.