TT2020: an old-timey typewriter typeface that doesn't look fake

Nitpicky people with way too much free time?

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I suppose that also a text written with a daisy wheel typewriter or a ball typewriter normally will look too neat if one needs the distressed mechanichal manual typewriter effect.

Use for example Prestige Elite 12 and a laser printer an yoy can make a decent daisy wheel effect…


Note that if one just installs the TTF fonts and uses them in Microsoft Word, one will see exactly the same “problem” the author is trying to remedy, as Word doesn’t do the type of font rendering necessary. Libre Office does, but the table starts over for each paragraph. (And the font dropdown will hiccup when you get to these fonts becasue of the additional rendering needed for the preview.) Still, an nifty font and idea.

Also, an actor playing Hamlet’s father (from a series of understudies, I suppose) must be ritually sacrificed before each performance, for that authentic “Serpent that did sting thy Fathers life, Now wears his crown” effect.


Well I think it’s neat.

I don’t see any reason to be like “we don’t have time to care about details like this!” when the point is someone else did the caring for you so you don’t have to.


isn’t that what unpaid interns are for?

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