Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting a man in a wheelchair nine times in the back

I believe that is standard procedure. But it certainly does seem like literal overkill. in this case. :confused:

If this was mentioned in the discussion above then I missed it: apparently Remington was off-duty, working a side job as security for Walmart when he murdered this guy. Not sure if his off-duty status will have any bearing one way or the other in the (hopefully imminent) criminal proceedings against him.

Edit: I know he got fired from the police department but I haven’t seen any reporting on whether he lost his job at Walmart yet…


Presumably that should throw qualified immunity out the window, no? Mall cops don’t get that.

Edit: e.g. here:



More likely he and the police union will sue to be reinstated almost immediately with full back pay and such.

I grant you some powered chairs can go a lot faster than a person short of a flat out run but there seems no justification of any sort for this killing as presented.

Does anyone know if he was brandishing the knife at the time or any other overt act indicating he intended violence?

The murderous cop’s attorney has been suggesting that it was a case of “suicide by cop” and that the victim said something like “the only way you’re going to get this knife out of my hands is to shoot me” but even in the (very) unlikely event that that was actually true it’s super clear that nobody was in any immediate danger and there would have been absolutely zero justification for indulging a suicidal man’s death wish.


I fully agree with you based on facts in evidence. More data is sorely needed before I would consider this being even vaguely justifiable.

Shot a person in a wheelchair 9 times in the back and then handcuffed their dead body?
Is it a requirement now to be a stupid, cowardly, sissy to be a cop these days?

What’s the safety risk? I assume it isn’t to the person being tased.

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