Turn European outlets into surge-protected you-ropean outlets!

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Nope, I cannot accept this apology. You wanted to lead with a pun, and you need to come up with a good one.


These are not voltage converters, so make sure whatever you’re connecting won’t blow up if it’s expecting 120V and then gets 220/240V instead.


AFAIK multi-standard sockets are banned here in the UK, because of the exciting possibilities for plugging in devices that are unearthed/ungrounded and/or not compatible with 230V 50Hz power supplies.



  • 3 adapted sockets from one
  • The relatively clever integrated storage for the included adapters, and the fact that these sockets are still usable when the adapters are in use.


  • Ungrounded, yet has several faux-grounded outlets
  • UK-style adapter lacks the required built-in fuse
  • EU adapter uses the ungrounded type-C plug, which can be rated for 10A but is typically used in lower-amperage situations (the 2.5A type is by far the most common), and the design strongly resembles notoriously flimsy plug adapters that barely hold on to the attached plug, making this a potential shock hazard
  • Vague language implies that this does voltage conversion, which it does not.

All in all, would not buy.


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