Tweaks made to Android OS are causing massive security holes

Hey, thanks! Marketplaces only work when consumers are informed.

I may upgrade from my $50 phone to the $70 Moto E4…

Edit:. Technically it’s not my $50 phone, it’s a company phone, so I can still be annoyingly smug about not owning one.

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Careful. Stock Android does not necessarily mean it’s up-to-date. While it certainly makes things easier for manufacturers to ship updates on time, that doesn’t mean they will actually follow through with timely feature updates and security patches.

And customized Android is not the only source of vulnerabilities you need to worry about. Cheap Android phones can come with rootkits and backdoors installed at the behest of the Chinese government.

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Good, Cheap (for the build quality and performance you get), and Fast= OnePlus. Bimonthly security updates for three years and feature/OS updates for two years.
There’s also the new Nokia(HMD Global), they’ve been pretty good with the monthly security patches, and are decently specced for the price, with no compromise in build quality. I used to like Moto but they’ve really gone downhill since being acquired by Lenovo.

Unimpressed by the OnePlus X track record for updates, I also klicked myself a Pixel 2. This meant opting in to everything Google, and I’m happily using this thing stuck between a rock and a hard thing.

Shoots great pics, mostly. Major point for me.

Which sucks in some ways, but you could do a lot worse.* Google lets employees opensource an unusually high percentage of their software, so you’re getting more from the devil’s bargain.

* let’s not!
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The OnePlus X and OnePlus 2 were notable for their lack of support, but are kinda exceptions, and every OP model since has been receiving updates regularly. I also have a OP 3T that’s on the July Android security patch. Better than the Motorolas and Samsungs the rest of my family uses.
The Pixel 2/ 2XL is a good phone, great camera, but no 3.5mm headphone jack is a deal breaker for me. It’s also pretty expensive here in India.

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The pixel doesn’t have a headphone jack? Figures, I guess.

The best tablet ever built, the Google Nexus 7 v2, had no SD card slot.

Sometimes it seems like Google feels obligated to put an Achilles heel in every product. :angry:

I think I saw a teaser this week that external memory management, i.e. SD card access, is a major security fuckuppery in Android. One person’s Achilles heel is another person’s Patroclussian wisdom.

We all know it ends in tears, anyway. Right?

ETA: haven’t seen the bug in several days now.

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I haven’t either, and all my posts yesterday were made with the tablet. It seems to come and go without pattern…

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