Newly disclosed Android bugs affect all devices

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How depressing.

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Root, not Jailbreak. Android devices are rooted. iOS devices are jailbroken.

Your Apple iOS fandom is showing lol


As Stagefright was called the Mother of all Android Vulnerabilities - is Stagefright 2 the Sister of the Mother of all Android Vulnerabilities? Auntie Stage is coming…

Zimperium’s marketing is quite impressive, not every security company is able to push this all over the place before the vendor publishes a fix. Kudos!

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From @doctorow?

IIRC he runs a Nexus with CM on it.

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If he’s running CyanogenMod, then he should really know the proper terminology.


Terminology is a good thing but it can be a bit overrated. As long as the message gets through, doesn’t matter much if it is rough at the edges.

Legal or not, let’s root and jailbreak our stuff.


As an Australian, I love telling people that my phone is rooted.


Cory, Please don’t be lazy and create acronyms. “The two new Stagefright vulns”. It immediately detracts from the legitimacy of your article.

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When you type it one time too many, “vuln” becomes a convenient word. Pretty much everybody knows or can infer what it is, for a third to quarter of the space.


Please forgive me, but most people with the IQ of a stick can infer what it means.

It doesn’t mean though that people should be creating acronyms just because “people can figure it out” (paraphrasing).

The whole point of the post was to be open and transparent about a very real continued threat to privacy on our devices. Randomly throwing in a made up word won’t help the article in readability nor make it more believable.

For the amount of time saved by typing “vulns”, I can’t help wonder if that time was used to do something more meaningful? I doubt it since “most” (guessing) people type on average 20-100 words per minute. My (albeit crappy) math says he saved 2 seconds approximately.

I’m only 34 but can’t help and see most of the typing, grammatical errors and such being nothing but laziness on the part of teachers. Furthered by “shortcutting”, we’r def in fer sum trubld x’s ahed. :smile:

I didn’t intend on getting into a debate, and apologise if I came across as snippy or rude or anything of the sort. I’m only trying to convey that not all the readers of this article/site are a) Computer-savvy, nor b) of the generations that understand short-cutting words.

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Yeah you’re probably a nice person and all, but you’re on the wrong side of the pedant line here.

ETA - IE: “Vuln” is a word, etc…


That’s a whole other discussion that I shouldn’t have even touched on. :smile:

Vuln means to wound… not vulnerability.
edit: Well… crap. Vuln is a word and means vulnerability. Crap. :wink:

I apologise for all the ranting.


The sad part is that neither term is precise, they’ve become popular but don’t in themselves refer to vastly different things.

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