Twitch reinstates ban on nudity, artistic and otherwise

Originally published at: Twitch reinstates ban on nudity, artistic and otherwise | Boing Boing


This seems like some sort of story behind the scenes. Not of a seismic shift in advertiser sentiment overnight, which seems unlikely; but of Twitch somehow failing to read the room before making the change they are now reverting.

Nobody likes to flail around in public like that, and it’s not a good look; so there must be some failure in the information gathering that led them to make the change in the first place.


I saw a post on reddit a couple of days ago about streams targeted to minors carrying ads for some of the porn streamers. If I had to guess, I’d guess the change is related to that. Somebody probably got a call from the FBI or other law enforcement agency.

I’m honestly stunned this happened at all. Surely they have in house counsel who could have explained to them the massive liability they were opening themselves up to.


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