Two different perspectives on a new study of breastfeeding outcomes

I would love to have the next level of research comparing maternal diet in breast fed babies. I assume a lot of the benefit of breast feeding is lost if the mom is eating crap and severely deficient in fatty acids for instance. I am also curious if that might have impacted this study.

Seriously, your country is insane when it comes to feeding kids. Even in a decent restaurant, the ‘kids menu’ is basically deep fried macaroni-type-food product and french fries.

My partner struggled mightily with breastfeeding the first kid, it was gruelling for everyone. There was a point with the first where I would plonk him on my lap with a ‘breastmilk syringe’, stick a finger in his mouth and slowly squirt the breastmilk. It sort of amazes me now that he can shoot 3 pointers from halfway down the driveway.

One relatively undermentioned benefit for the mother is the direct correlation with weight loss. All that pregnancy fat gets processed out the boobs and into the baby. In our house is was referred to as the ‘get out of jail free card’.

Tell me more of this deep-fried mac n cheese you speak of…

(actually, I reckon a mac & cheese arancini-type affair would be quite the thing. The construction may be difficult, however. Spherical moulds and refrigeration might do the job)

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wtf? That is meaningless.

I thought it was pretty cool - whatever differences there are are certainly minor enough that the debate is really around small health differences and not major ones. Can you tell which of your friends were breast fed and which got the bottle?

Hey Philbin, I think that you should know you are treading on thin ice. Particularly when we’re talking about a well-done study that showed specifically that formula fed kids DID NOT have long term intelligence and health deficits, you spouting angry and accusatory rhetoric at other people in this thread won’t be tolerated. I deleted your last comment. If you start attacking people again, you’ll get banned. I’m not going to put up with vicious breastfeeding vitriol in the BoingBoing comments. And I say that as an exclusive breastfeeder.


Over the years as I have been a mom, I’ve had a chance to get to know many parents who differ from me in their parenting style. I have friends who spank their kids which makes me sick to my stomach. I have friends who yell at their kids all the time. I know people who home school their kids and shelter them to the point that their kids seem to barely interact with people outside their families. I have problems with all of these things but I’ve come down to this - I think that all those kids are loved.

Maybe in time they will have a lot of therapy to work things through, but whatever crap their parents did that I don’t agree with, I think they will know their parents cared. These kids have the ability to grow and be happy, productive adults.

But the kids that are neglected, whose parents are not coping well and the kids are living in the middle of chaos, the kids whose parents are incapable of caring in even the most basic way, the kids that are being abused and told they are crap, the kids who have one parent harm them and the other chooses to stay in the marriage rather than protect the children - I am very concerned about these kids. I don’t know if it is possible to be raised knowing your parents consistently put their own wants and needs ahead of yours and come out okay at the other end.

I know lots of people who have bottle fed their kids and loved them and who knows if their kids will be as healthy or not, but no, I don’t see that these kids have been irreparably harmed compared to all the other ways parents can harm their kids. Is breastfeeding a great way to get parents to bond to their babies? Yes. Does it ensure that the parents will always keep their children out of harm? No.

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Banhammer? Banhammer.

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A litany of misogyny is your response to having your evidence-free tirade called out for what it is?

You have earned your banhammer, little one.

I have to say I have a bit of indigestion now.


I’ll pitch in and buy you a dragon-sized Alka-Seltzer.

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My wife struggled MASSIVELY to breastfeed our firstborn, and the breastfeeding nazis didn’t help. She ended up giving up, and felt insanely guilty for AGES about it, until I pointed out to her that it wasn’t doing the baby any good for her to be completely miserable and upset, all day, every day. She was lucky that with our second, the two of them just clicked, and it worked out completely easily… But she was very close to not even trying to breastfeed our second after the horrible experience she had with the breastfeeding establishment the first time around. In particular, she calls extreme bullshit on the “emotional bond” that is created between a mother and child through breastfeeding.

More needs to be done to make it clear to new moms that hey, if breastfeeding doesn’t work for you? Your child WILL survive, and won’t end up with a 75 IQ and working at a McDonald’s at age 40 (at least, the lack of breastfeeding won’t be the reason for it if they do/are). But the breastfeeding establishment is loathe to say that to new mothers, because breastfeeding can be HARD, and the temptation to quit when it gets frustrating is very high. So instead, they use guilt and bullying tactics to try to force mothers into continuing to try breastfeeding even when it is CLEARLY not going to work.


I know I mentioned this before, but for new moms/new-moms-to-be, you can usually find an outlet to rent the high end breast pumping machines from your local hospital or Le Leche (sp) League. These generally work a lot better, produce more milk, and are more comfortable to use than the commercial ones. My wife had a hell of a time latching on and feeding directly from the breast, so she pumped he whole first year. Made her goal of a year though, yay. The Le Leche Leagues are also great resources if you are having problems breast feeding in general.


Yeah, I hate to get into breastfeeding discussions because the extremists have ruined it for everyone, but I want to second your recommendation: Le Leche is not an extremist group, and if for some reason you get an individual volunteer who happens to be more extreme than works for you, get another one because most of them are simply there to provide options, advice and support…not judgment.

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Rooted in a meal I accidentally ordered for my 4 year old on a recent trip to Hawaii. Breaded, deep fried little triangles of KD. Inedible, and he would have none of it (thankfully).

It could be delicious, though.

Apparently the Cheesecake Factory has some sort of deep fried mac & cheese balls as an appetizer. And there are gourmet/foodie restaurants/food trucks that are doing it too. I recall seeing them somewhere locally to me (we don’t have Cheesecake Factories close to me) as well, though I cannot, for the life of me, remember where it was. And now I have a hankerin’ for some deep fried mac & cheese. Or, failing that, perhaps a Gotta Be KD Burger.

Wait, what were we talking about again?

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Sadly, that menu list is highly correlated to “things you can actually get your 5 year old to eat”.