Two hours of commentary on The Man Who Fell to Earth

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“Are you . . . Lithuanian?”


the david bowie survive + interview tai friday 01.10.99…

is the classic bowie item…

from the NYTimes article on Walter Tevis who wrote the book:
"In a 1981 interview, he said that ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth,’ about an alien who lands in Kentucky and can’t adjust to life on this planet, was ‘disguised autobiography.’

“’[It] has to do with my having moved from what I thought was the city of light, San Francisco, when I was 11, to Lexington, Kentucky, where I went to a tough Appalachian school in the fifth grade and was beaten up regularly,’ Tevis said. (Tevis gave the movie version of the book a C-plus, calling it confusing, but when he met David Bowie found him to be ‘a wonderful man.’)"


Saw “The Man Who Fell to Earth” in a movie theater (remember those?) when it first came out, and enjoyed it very much, even though the special effects were rather cheesy, even for then. Anything with Rip Torn in it is going to be entertaining, of course. But two hours of commentary on it seems…excess to my current needs.

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