Two lateral thinking puzzles


A man is lying dead in the field. Next to him is an unopened package. There is no other creature in the field. How did he die?

Thrown package. USPS, DHL, FEDEX, take your pick.

  1. Lightning strike. The package was a solid mass of pure copper. Or iron.


Ye gods that like my favorite episode. “The making of” on the DVD package for that season is pretty good too.

Midges! Lotsa midges!


The head of Barton Fink.


How do you get to Carnegie Hall?


Take the 2nd left onto W 52nd St.
Turn left onto Avenue of the Americas
Take the 3rd left onto W 57th St.

Get it? It’s funny because you’re standing on W 55th St. and 7th Ave. and it’s just a two block walk up 7th Ave., and those are the driving directions!!! Get it? Get it? Get it?


To be brief, concise and to the point, to get your message across quickly, precisely and with an economy of words without undue delay or hesitation, that is the quintessential essence of wit.


I feel the absence of other life in the field is really important.

Got it.

The package holds a spacesuit helmet. That man is in a field on the moon.


If we’re expected to say that the package is a parachute, I think we can say the package is a helmet.


And ignoring the fact that in all the annals of premeditated murder, I seriously doubt anyone ever said, “ooh, and I can save 90 quid on airfare by telegraphing my intentions!”

Hell if he’s using a travel agent we’re still living in the days when you would buy round trip airfare instead of one way because it was cheaper (did that a couple of times before they started cracking down on it).


There are many answers, Grasshopper. The asking has the true meaning… /s


The unopened package in the field is a parachute, and the man lying in the field was a Fedex delivery man. Mr. and Mrs. Rigby-Brown were British spies on a mission in Rome to exchange a list of covert operatives for a set of Russian cyberterrorism plans that a Russian double-agent was going to bring. But Mrs. Rigby-Brown was planning to double-cross Mr. Rigby-Brown and the Russian agent by stealing both lists, and escaping by base-jumping from the top floor of the hotel. However, Mr. Rigby-Jones got wind of the double-cross because he was secretly working for the Chinese who were tapping the phones, and he sent word to his accomplice to intercept the Fedex delivery man who was bringing the specially-made compact parachute to his wife, thereby causing her to unwittingly jump to her death. Mr. Jones knew all this, of course, because the he works for Fedex customer support, and knew that Mr. Rigby-Brown had redirected his wife’s delivery to an empty field that just happened to be behind the Chinese embassy. Duh.


Nah, the parachute isn’t better. For it to be a parachute, the “package” should be on his back, NOT lying beside him.




This is Boing Boing, so the package fell off a drone.

This is Boing Boing, so by failing to pay the Chinese Internet-of-Things DRM subscription installed by the EU Copyright Directive, Mr. Jones failed to receive the message. Facebook.

It won’t be hard at all if you sign up for Excel training in the Boing Boing store!


Ah, so the answer to “How did he die?” was “disappointed”.




He had never met either of the Rigby-Browns


In the first puzzle, the guy usually has a ring on his finger too. It’s the ring for pulling the rip cord.

In the second puzzle I remembered right away that Rome has strict height restrictions for buildings. In the central area of Rome ,no building can exceed the height of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, 136 meters.


You are correct about height restrictions on Roman buildings. Somehow, I remembered that piece of trivia immediately after reading the scenario.


The book comes with Qs and As and clues, but this preview does not show these puzzles.