Two photographers, unbeknownst to one another, shoot the same picture at the same moment

Well, the last paragraph does note that, especially how cameras are getting better at bursting, so in both cases the camera quickly took 20-30 pictures, and both photographers chose the same fraction of a second. Lightroom makes things like this more likely, since it lets photographers choose later and not when they press the shutter button.


I don’t think it’s a timing difference; it is the position difference that accounts for the differences in the back- and foregrounds. An effect called parallax (see

Look at the source site ( for non-giffed and thus easier-to-compare pictures…

I can actually spot several distinctive waves in the foreground of Ron Risman’s picture that are way more to the left than the exact same waves in the Eric Gendon picture…

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It’s Photoshopped. I can see the pixels.

Anyone tried cardboxing it, yet?

You know what else seems neat? The two photographers didn’t know each other before this, and now they each have a new friend with similar interests :smiley:

Cool origin story for a friendship: I can picture it years from now when someone asks “How did you two friends meet each other?” Here’s hoping they enjoy this new association.


After looking more closely via the original page, I agree with you. I think the different equipment & settings may also contribute to the differences, as one of them might not have resolved the horizon quite as clearly as the other.

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