Amazing glitch in the matrix caught on camera


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And they were all drinking decaf.


My daughter and I had our own glitch at the zoo the other day…

Enter…the fish dimension!

** oh, and portrait-orientation haters? I had one hand on the wiggly baby, one hand on the slippery phone, so…eat portrait.


Erm, actually, didn’t the Wachowskis purposefully not use blue in their matrix films except for the end of The Matrix Revolutions


You know, I know this coffee doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is hot and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize?

Ignorance is bliss.


Don’t worry, the duplicate instances were “cleaned up”… At least we think they were duplicate instances. In any case the remaining instance isn’t aware if it wasn’t the original, and that’s good enough for us. – maintenance


On a related note, stop posting your findings, or you will also be “cleaned up”.



This is the problem with automatic garbage collection. You never know for sure when the finally method will be called.


Portrait is ok for photos, not video


Actually, portrait is essential to that photo’s composition. If you had gone with landscape, you’d be facing a horde of landscape haters. Also, kudos on taking a good steady in-focus pic while juggling excited baby.


It’s ok, it’s a still image. It’s only if there were movement that human vision would become incapable of processing it without apoplexy-inducing pain. We inherited peripheral vision from the dinosaurs, and they can’t see motion, you understand.

Cute kid, cute fish, and a cute effect. :slight_smile:
(For those who don’t know, fish are hard to photograph at the best of times.)


Well, some of us did anyway…


Guys, that was the blue man group without the paint. They’re wearing the shirts as an inside joke between themselves. Totes.


And nothing to consider hung about. . .


For all you reflection conspiracists, notice the hand position is different in all three cases. The Matrix IS all around you, and there is coffee.


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