Modern day surrealism: Watch donuts defy the laws of physics in this freaky 3D animation

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OK - idiot question - but why do the instagram pics just show up grey? I click on it and nothing happens? Is something suppose to happen?

Of course this is science fiction, there is no such thing as a stray doughnut.


That, WTH? Uh, weird.

I’ve noticed this happens in blog view, but if I click on the post’s headline to go directly to the post, the IG stuff shows up properly.

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Damnit, now I’m hungry… you got some coffee to go with that? :coffee::doughnut::coffee::doughnut::coffee::doughnut:

Man, I wish my facial donut attractor was hands free.


Advert for Uncanny Valley Donuts, Ltd.

Works fine for me.

And yea, a few kinks to work out, such as points of inflection in spacetime.

If each one of those donuts was also being eaten by a squirrel, that would be much more appropriate.

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i love when soft body dynamics glitch even though it’s frustrating af to fix and tweak settings it’s still fun.

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