Disney princesses photoshopped onto real-world photos

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I love the last one!

And the baes cracked me up

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As noted before and again today re the autoplay video (another thread) it is frustrating to have to scroll through many feet of screen real estate simply to get to the next post, when the more ‘traditional’ post format “intro/teaser, pic or two, link to more” would seem to work perfectly well. People have commented. Apparently to no effect. Ok, I get it, it will continue. Fine. (Well, not, but it’s your call, obviously.)

But it is doubly frustrating because every single picture in that post was white space for me. Which is true of every single Instagram thing ever placed in BB. And I have no idea what it is that causes the Instagram pictures to not appear. If they were there, at least I might be amused, entertained or distracted as I scrolled past to find the next post.

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Didn’t you already run this one?

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I’m not really a Disney fan, but these are really well done, and I love that Vogue cover especially.

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No porn? This is the internet, right?

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Yeah, Instagrams are alway white space for me too. :frowning:

#I #am #annoyed #with #all #of #the #hashtags #because #I #am #old.


Me too. I get that if you puts lots of #tags on something then more people can find it, but it just looks like a big blue wall of gingham to me…


I liked the Clueless one, except that Princess Tiana has turned into a nazi.

Nice work, but I wouldn’t call celebrity photos (and film stills) “real-world-photos”. Because they’re not.

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