Disney Princesses as Nuremberg defendants

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Genius. That just made my morning. After the trial will this spent meme be executed, or were they only following orders.


Da fuq?

The internet has officially outlived its usefulness.


the truth is somewhere between your and @chgoliz’ opinion :wink:


Yeah, I was exaggerating for effect! Still: the guy is claiming political and cultural satire, but it’s lazy thinking and slapdash work.

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does leyawn actually claim this?

I was inferring it from the response tweets from people who appeared to “know” him and his style.

If he doesn’t think of himself as a daring artiste, then I’m back to “shut the internet down, I’m going home”!!!

Because we are simple apes, programmed by evolution to respond to bright colours, hyper-realism and simple narratives. And the vast, immortal, uncaring intelligence known as the Disney Corporation has learnt how to manipulate these stimuli in order to lure sustenance to itself.


I don’t see the problem here, mostly because the photos of the Nuremberg trials are not especially well-known or iconic - the photomontage is not shocking because the background has to be explained, w/o the keyword Nuremberg next to no one would recognise the background. Great art? No way. But a not-that-bad throw-away joke that made me smile.


My feelings exactly, but because of the disrespectful absurdity I liked the montage.

*) POV: covered detailed in school, I think I’m interested and informed in history

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This must be an age thing.


or a country thing


I have the sense that most people in my age category (Gen X? Sigh) were basically taught a “World History” that leapt from the invention of writing in Egypt to the Roman Empire to learning the succession of English Kings to America blowing up the Death Star on the beaches of Normandy, and then everyone singing “Yub-nub” and dancing and The End forever. If I remember we didn’t really cover the actual end of the war, much about partition, and nothing about the Nuremberg Trials, to say nothing of Korea (where?) or even Vietnam.


Nazi Princess as Nuremberg defendant:
fabulously flawless fascist


This is one of those “Judo” satire pieces. If I protest that making a point about pop-culture / media marketing by conflating it with Nazis / the Holocaust / war crimes is offensive to the millions still living with those crimes, and pretty tired, since various artists and provocateurs have been doing that pretty much since WW2 ended, then I “don’t get the joke,” and can be ignored.

But, it is tired. I get the satire. People have been doing shit like this for decades.

Also, are we that callused by the Internet that this is the nihilistic frisson we require to make us chuckle?


If only there were justice in the world, but Disney princesses will never be held accountable for their crimes.


How are they more of a marketing monster than the Star Wars or Star Trek franchise?

Yeah, I’m a millenial, and have basically the same memory of history class.

It gets embarrassing when a canadian friend knows more about your country’s history than you do, and simultaneously you have no idea how canada came to be, besides “something, something, French people, beavertraps, polarbears attacked, then the queen of england sent over a battalion of redcoats.”

Well, owning one of those, for starters.

I’d say that Disney is bigger, so big that it has absorbed/mated with the Star Wars entity. It’s only a matter of time before it absorbs/mates with/kills the Star Trek creature.

Our world is in the grip of these beings; we are their playthings.

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Would you say that you’re disappointed in the internet?